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    I have stopped recieving DSHS assistance and live on only the childsupport although it's less than the cash assistance.

    The reason for this is that I can't work, and DSHS will ask me to do work activities fulltime. My regular physician have gotten me a referral to a Rheumy, but it might be months before I can get to him.

    My doc. won't diagnose me. He will not give what is called a "Temporary hold" in work activities since he as he says "have no clinical evidence". This means all DSHS can go on is my Rheumatoid Arthritis diagnosis, and it is not severe.

    My undiagnosed problems are severe though, some of you might already know. As long as I have no diagnosis I cannot apply for the GAU (?) assistance for disabled thru DSHS, and I cannot apply for SSDI.

    This "clinical evidence" really causes alot of problems.
    I don't know if a doctor can really spin on this reason for many months, leave me hanging in the air financially?

    And to mention just one thing I have- neuropathy in my arms that is very bad, my doctor have not sent me to a specialist to get it diagnosed. My mother in law got disability on carpal tunnel alone and her problems are less than mine! All my doc does is blame my health on depression and prescribe Celexa.

    There's no use getting yet another doc right now, coming to another doctor seeking help to not work will look like malingering, what's the use?

    To make matters worse, my daughter's father now suddenly "dissapeared" from the childsupport scene, and I will be left to live on $175.00/ month.

    I need advice on what I can do in this situation, I have heard about others in this catch 22 situation with DSHS and disability because they don't have a diagnosis, and the doc they have will not write a document for DSHS about the health situation.

    It appears a doc. can keep you on hold for work (DSHS)while awaiting diagnosis and treatment, but this one will not.

    This is insane, I have moments when I'm thinking I can work part time (when I feel "pretty good"), but hours later I can't, the physical weakness, pain, stiffness, cognitive function, etc. reminds me that I am NOT normal!

    By the way, what IS clinical evidence? People get disability for chronic depression,,, how do you clinically prove depression??? By patient history? Well, what about my history of chronic infections, low grade fevers, pains, depression, neuropathy, mild RA, hypertension, migraines, raynauds, PTSD, and then family hisory of FM where I show all the symptoms?


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    i live in california...just going to tell you go to your e.r. room or clinic...i am assuming you still have medi-caid? if you deal w/or have been depressed then go to a local mental health clinic that accepts your insurance...there are places you can go for free...opne your phone book...

    you have to pull up the strength to become an adovocate for yourself...have you applied for ssi? have you been seeing psychiatrist or pshycologist at all....?

    you are about to break down mentally if you are not already...i have been there doen that....

    my worker called me at home once from the calworks division and said we can not make you go to work if you are disabled...we could get into trouble have your doctor fill this form out...it was really short and sweet form...

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    My depression is not severe, but chronic. I already have therapy for my PTSD, and a psyciatrist diagnosed me, this is not the major problem. The major problem is my physical health and the non diagnosis which force me to live on 175 buck this month.

    You need a diagnosis to apply for SSI too, right? Well, back on square one,,,LOL!

    Aha, I can work on my PTSD and depression??! Ok, maybe I will try that avenue. A different office at DSHS considered me severely disabled from my PTSD, on a level 3 out of 4.

    Ok, I will go that route!!! I have to do it, at leat for now. thanks for the advice.

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    about the fuzzy reply,I started replying on one reply, and then saw the next one,,, and my brain is foggy,,,please understand! LOL!

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    I feel so sorry for you. This is incredible. How many kids do you have? Do you live in a rental? If so, you should qualify for Section 8 and food stamps and Medicaid. I know,it all is time. Can you go to your local Family Childrens and explain what you are going through and see if you can get some help.is your doctor aware of the mess he is creating? I would see if he will talk with you on the phone or maybe does he have email?

    I am not being much help here, but it does seem to me you should have been referred for disability. I agree go to free mental health and see what they can do to assist and dx you. Then you will have more than one dx.

    Love Anne C
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    I have Section 8 already, thank God. I have 2 kids with me, and a bunch of bills that are overdue. I think you're right, I'm going to call my psyciatrist that diagnosed me once, he is not aware of all the mess with docs for the past 2 years.

    It is a mess, on top of that the truck that got hit by that drunk driver thast had no insurance, I was parked because I was lapsing with my insurance.

    Well, hopefully she will keep her promise and give me her tax return to reimburse the value of my truck,,,,:)
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    Sometimes we all need help Please do not forget that one of the reasons there is organized churches of all faiths is to help the needy.Put away any pride and visit a church of your choice.Feed your soul and find a family church and you will find help.There are other organizations that will help people sometimes on a one time shot but that could help till other things come throught.Talk to the paster or priest or rabi who ever is the head of the church and tell him your needs and remember when things get better to return the kindness back, to help them help others.I beleave People will help ,they just need to know about the problems.You have an oppertunity to educate a large group of people by telling them about CFS and FM.They may even decide to start a special fund or give classes to help people with our problems .I have a very strong belief in Mind ,Body and Soul.You have my prayers.Good luck
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