URGENT my dog has a hematoma in his cheek.....

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by doxygirl, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. doxygirl

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    and I do not know what to do.....I called the emergency vet and asked some questions and they told me it would be a minimum of 500.00 and that is for starters.....

    I cannot afford to pay that much and my vet does not return until mar31....

    I need to know all info that you may have on a hematoma.....it seems to go down and seem like it is going away and then it gets bigger..

    One of my other dogs ( my dalmation) had an ear hematoma and she ended up having to have surgery on her ears....basically they stitched them in several different places.....

    the vet i called said they "may" need to put a stitch in it.....since it is in his mouth ( cheek area I assume he is irritating it and possibly biting it so that makes it get bigger when it is trying to go down?

    But iam not a vet....and would really like to know if this is something that could wait until my vet is back in 9 more days or not?

  2. HurtsToMove

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    A hematoma is essentially a pocket of blood under the skin. It's not usually painful. Vets will make a cut to drain the pocket, then stitch it up.

    If your dog is eating and acting normal, it can wait for your vet to return. Emergency vets charge a small fortune so I'd avoid that if at all possible.

    Your own vet may even have another doctor covering his/her patients while gone, so call the office to see if you can get a referral. If not, you can also just go to another vet during regular business hours and it shouldn't be nearly as expensive as an emergency visit.
  3. Marta608

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    ...it doesn't sound like an emergency as long as the dog is eating and drinking well. It might even resolve itself but regardless it should be OK until your vet returns. I do agree about calling the vet's office to talk to a vet tech, to put your mind at ease.

    Sometimes dogs get these hematomas in their mouths from chewing on a hard toy, a rawhide bone or even biting their own cheek, just as a person could.

    Let us know how it goes, OK?

    Hugs and pets,

  4. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    vet school used to have a free "ask the vet" phone site. See if they still do.

    My renter is doc of pharm at vet school so I will email her and ask her as she also has three dogs. I will write you back if she writes me.

    I think it may just heal on its own if it breaks open.

    Love Annie (gee where do they get $500 from they should just charge an office visit of $34 to look it over)

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