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    Please help! My husband, who was saved about 4 months ago, has been sober from alcohol for about 18 months, and today he came home with beer! He just left to go get more! I'm beside myself. I thought we had left this behind. He never did admit he was an alcoholic, but it was obvious, and the only reason he stopped was because he has hepatitis c and needed to go on treatment for it, which lasted a year. I thought this might happen in the future, and I pray daily that it doesn't, but it did and i just can't believe it. I feel like my life is crashing down before me. Please please please pray for him, to rid him of this terrible demon. And also for me, for strength thru this. These past few months with him saved have been the best ever of my life, and I can't believe this is happening. I just finished casting out demons from each room of my home. Please pray for him!!!
    In Christ,
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    Oh I can just feel your heartbreak and sorrow right now and I am so sorry that this has happened to your family! I just want you to know that I am praying for you that you will gain strength through God to be able to bear this setback in your life now. I will be praying that your husband will realize that God is the answer, the only answer!
    God Bless you,
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    Hello Fullarmor,

    My prayers are definitely with you. I grew up with a Alcoholic father until my Dad and Mom divorced when i was 13. It was several years after that before he quit drinking. I agree that excess drinking is the devils work. But i also know that it isa disease. I'm trying to remember how he quit. His 2nd wife had him put into a state hospital twice to sober him up before he quit. But what kept him not drinking was AA and going to regular meetings. When I was with him , my brother,sister, and me with to his meetings and played with the other kids. His 2nd wife went to the Alanon meetings. It was a hard road, But in AA he had a sponsor that he called on very often. He was 38 at the time. He had quit drinking for 17 years wonderful years before he died of cancer. I feel the Lord blessed my family by him not drinking those years and we all got to know our real Dad. I have nothing but fond memories of my Dad.

    Dear Lord,
    Please place your loving hand on Fullarmor and give her the wisdom and strength to know what to do with her situation. Lord, also walk each day with her husband, hold his hand and let him feel your presence. Guide him closer to you and lift him up and steer him in the right direction. Dear Lord also , if kids are involved, let them know you are walking with them and holding their hands and giving them peace and comfort. Bless this family in every way you can.

    In Jesus name,Amen.