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    I just got a call from my best friend's husband. She is in the hospital in Seattle. She had major surgery a few days ago. I can't even begin to count how many surgeries she's had since 2000. This last surgery was supposed to be the one that would finally fix things and give her back her life. Yesterday and today everything was looking good and we were all hopeful. Larry called 15 minutes ago. They just rushed her back into surgery. She is having massive internal bleeding and they also think a blood clot went to her lungs.

    Please pray for Jeanne


    Thank you everyone for your prayers. Jeanne is still hanging in there and in need of prayer. Since I first posted she has been back into surgery twice. First they went in and got the bleeding stopped. They weren't sure they got everything and they really need to do a cat scan to find out but they can't because of all the stuff she is hooked up to.

    They left her incision open so they wouldn't have to cut again if they had to go back in. Yesterday her bowel started dying and they rushed her to OR again to do a bowel resection. Instead they had to do a colostomy. And they are still leaving the incision open for now just in case.

    They are keeping her unconsious for now. She is going to be so devestated when she wakes up and finds out she has a colostomy. Although the doctors are hoping it is only temporary and if all goes well in 6 months and things heal they will resect the bowl and get rid of the colostomy.

    Her husband is staying with her in Seattle through all this. He has stuck by her side through all of this since 2000. I can't imagine what it must be like to have someone like that to be there for you. But it is hard on the family. They have a 15 and a 16 year old at home in Montana with friends and neighbors helping out. The kids are so scared. And I can hear it in Larry's voice when he calls that he feels scared and alone too.

    Sorry this is so long but wanted to give and update and ask that you continue to lift up Jeanne and her family in prayer

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    Lord I ask that you will guide the surgen's hands, that you would lead and give wisdom. Lord I ask in your name that she will survive this health crisis, and that she will have renewed strength and health. In Jesus' name, Amen
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    I ask my Father in heaven to sit beside and hold your friend in Seattle. She has been through so much already, I ask that she be whole again. Miracles happen, and I hope for one that your friend may be healed.
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    I pray for Jeanne and her family and I pray for strength and blessings for you all

    May God be with you , to comfort you and hold you through all of this

    God Bless

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    that everything will turn out well.Linda