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  1. teach6

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    I just received this from a friend. Please keep this child and her family in your prayers.


    Late Thursday night an 8-month-old little girl named Delaney pulled a
    hot Fry Daddy on her body. Her Mom, Deena, pulled her out of her walker
    and also burned herself. They life flighted the little girl to Scott and
    White and then to Parkland Burn Center in Dallas. She has 40% burns on
    the trunk of her body.
    They are going to amputate at least 3 fingers on one hand and
    will have to graft skin from her Mom and Dad to help repair her. She is
    critical condition and her lungs have filled with water. They don't know
    she will live or not. They say the next few days will decide. They live
    Florence, Texas
    and have two other children. THEY NEED AS MANY PRAYERS AS THEY CAN GET.

    Will you please forward this to as many prayer warriors as you can? It
    only takes a moment to say a simple prayer for this sweet baby, and
    prayer is much more powerful than most people realize! Please - take
    just a quick minute to pray for this baby girl, and forward this request
    to anyone else you can.
    Thank you for your help and prayers! May God bless you - and YOUR loved
  2. Harmony

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    Barbara, I sure will pray for little Delaney and her family! Thanks for sharing this prayer request with us and let us know how she is doing.

    Love and God bless,
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  3. ohmyaching

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    I pray right now that God will hear the prayers of all those close to this little girl and help them through this tragedy. My heart goes out to them.
  4. Sheli

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    I will pray for Delaney and her family, and please keep us updated as you find out more.

  5. Shirl

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    will continue to pray untill you tell us she is out of danger, God bless,

  6. pepper

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    for poor little Delaney and her family. Please keep us posted.
    God bless. Pepper
  7. Rene_M

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    too, to add my prayers for this little one and here family.