urinal 'CAKES' --does this takes the cake?

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    (bad pun, sorry)

    I got this in a newsletter... wonder why there isn't something for women, they get drunk too!

    According to a recent AP piece, the state of New Mexico has ordered up 500 urinal cakes that deliver a RECORDED message urging bar patrons taking a last pit-stop before hitting the road to avoid drunken driving.

    Not only this, but emblazoned on the tops of these talking targets are the words "You drink, you drive, you lose."

    The battery-operated cakes last about 3 months before losing the ability to speak, and cost about 20 bucks apiece. Initially, they'll be placed at the state's expense in bars and restaurants in Santa Fe and other populated zones. If the idea catches on, businesses will be expected to absorb the cost (of course) in the future.


    OK I'm all for getting drunks off the roads... but wonder how this will work, how many will get stolen, etc...

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    I just read that Toyota is in the process of designing cars that will detect whether drivers are drunk through sweat in their palms. When drivers place their hands on the wheel and they are beyond the legal limit, the car will automatically shut down.

    I think they're talking about other ideas too, like if the car detects any 'erratic driving', pupil dilation, etc...

    Sounds crazy to me, I don't see how any system based on these are fail-safe... esp when what will happen is that the car will slow down gradually to a stop. What if it's in the middle of an expressway???

    Crazy... the breathalyzer seems more sane, where the car won't turn on if you don't pass. Just my humble opinion tho!