Urinary Retention: Acidophilus or Multi-Probiotics Normalize Mine

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    Acidophilus capsules keep my urinary retention under control as long as I remain on it daily - one capsule a day.

    It gives me a normal stream and my bladder empties completely.

    If I go without Acidophilus for a couple of days, my bladder stops right up again. Then it takes a few days of daily Acidophilus to get it back under control.

    I'm guessing my urinary retention is from a stealth infection - an undetectable infection, maybe a fungal infection, that is controlled by Acidophilus for me.

    It was amazing when I accidentally discovered it made my bladder empty normally.

    I suffered for decades with a bladder that wouldn't completely empty, and constant trips to the bathroom at home and everywhere I went. When shopping, I could barely make it to every store bathroom, then dribbled only a small amount, leaving a nearly full bladder all the time. What a relief now with the Acidophilus.

    I had a bladder test decades ago, and was diagnosed with nerve damage and prescribed pills for it to help my bladder empty. I never took the pills, though, after reading the drug brochure first like I always do and I was afraid of getting some dangerous side-effects. So I suffered through more decades.

    I even had my urethra stretched a couple of times at the urologist, to no avail.

    I tried the prescription Detrol pills for overactive bladder, to no avail. My bladder wasn't overactive, it was full and couldn't empty nearly enough.

    A safe and simple capsule - Acidophilus - gives me total relief as long as I stay on it, one pill daily.

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    For a real stubborn case like I get at times, I take a high dose Garlic capsule as an antifungal and antibiotic, along with the acidophilus or probiotic capsule. A garlic capsule of 500 mg. to 1,000 mg.