Urinary Tract Infection question

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by wideawakeinaz, Oct 31, 2003.

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    My doctor placed me on Bactrim about 9 days ago and tomorrow my antibotic is finished and i will be going back to the doctor on Monday, because this medication did not give me the relief I needed. Are there stronger antibotics that i could ask for?

    My symptoms are not that severe, knock on wood, the only symptoms i have is, there is bacteria in my urine, according to my doctor this past Tuesday and the biggest thing that bothers me is, I have a constant pounding feeling down below. That's really the only pain I have.

    But, I also have a very low blood count, to the point where if it doesn't increase, a blood transfussion will be required, and my best friend said, that is probably why the medication is taking so long to work.

    I was just wondering, does the blood count matter in terms of recovering from a UTI and also, what other medication is there that would be stronger and allow me to be normal again?
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    I have kidney stones bad, (over 24 in the past year!) therefore I get alot of irritation and UTIs. Macrobid and Cipro are both very good for UTIs. Ask about these.