Urinary tract infection questions

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by willruthie1965, Jun 18, 2008.

  1. I have an infection and wondering if people with fibro get them more often.Wanted to know if it's normal for your back to hurt so bad. Thanks Ruthie
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    I would get them weekly until I started taking antibiotics daily. There are a lot of things that can help without the anti, aloe juice really helps with the pain.

    good luck, do a search for more info.
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    Hi Willruthie,

    I think some people with FM do have more UTI's than others and some also get alot of them and do not have FM. I used to have quite a few even before I had startedwith FM/CMPS etc.

    I don't remember having that much pain in the back but had alot of burning and pain in the front and at that point I am not sure whee I hurt.

    Can you believe, that a friend of mine who does not hve FM but has other things inc arthritis says that she has had them with no pain. I can't understand that one but tht is wht the doc said.

    I take it that you ave been dxed with the UTI by your doctor and that he/she put you on meds. Is that so? If not, you need to go and get checked out. Sometimes bad back pain can be a sign of kidney infections or problems. However, if you are on meds and you are getting better try not to worry. However,if it continues you need to tell your doc, even if you are on meds, if it gets worse.

    Please keep me and us updated on your condition. I have not had any UTI's in awhile but I have also been taking more showers rather than baths, even though I prefer baths, esp for my pain. I know wha the signs are for me and I start with pushing the water like crazy and take an OTC urinary tract med. Many times that wil keep it from getting worse. Sometimes not and I am off to the doc the next day. Usually it gives my horrible pain but not necessarily in the back !!

    Bye for now. Hope his helps.

    Hugs and blessings,

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    Is there really infection or is it pain? You may have what I have, Interstitual Cystitis. For me, Cranberry juice is #1 not to drink. It's the bladder that is painful, so it makes you think it's your ovaries. I have to take those numbing pills, you can get them over the counter. They turn your urine orange.Good luck.
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    it seems like i almost live with one
    and who can afford to go to dr all the time
    and then they want to do all kinds of tests,,,
    so i try and drink more water
    but i mostley hurt in pelvic region.
  6. Empower

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    Have one now

    Yes, lots of back pain

    If you have a fever, go to the doc
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    If you are having back pain it could be a kidney infection or kidney stone. If you have an infection it is important to get put on antibiotics. Don't leave it untreated it can turn to a life threatening condition. You might want to try cranberry juice. All the best.
  8. Thanks everyone.You all are so wonderful I am on antibiotic. I had horrible pain and fatigue and finally went to the doctor. She seemed to think it was real bad and asked why I took so long to go to the doctor and I said I thought it was fibro stuff. Ruthie

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