Urinary Tract Infections and chronic fatigue syndrome

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    Urinary Tract Infections and chronic fatigue syndrome

    Cleveland Clinic urologist Dr. Eric Klein in his presentation at the International XMRV Conference on XMRV & prostate cancer said he found XMRV RNA in urine and this may be a good test for XMRV.

    - Might this apply to XMRV in ME/CFS & other illnesses too?

    - I began to have urinary tract infections when I first came down with CFIDS and I wonder if there might be a connection?


    Yes, urine may be a good source of viruses. As for your question about urinary tract infections, if XMRV or HGV is suppressing or affecting the immune system, then pathogenic urinary tract bacteria that are usually held in check by the immune system may be getting out of control. This can also happen when pathogenic bacteria are inside biofim and not accessible to immune attack. In this case, we have successfully used biofilm busters, such as EDTA suppositories, to break down the biofilm and render the usually antibiotic-refractory bacteria susceptible to antibiotics. This has been found to very effective in chronic prostatitis. You can read more about this on our website, www.immed.org (The Institute for Molecular Medicine).

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