Urination problems & MRI problems...HELP!!!

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    Hi all! I have a strange question. In the past 2 months, I have had a really hard time urinating. I sit there for about 2-10 minutes with a full bladder and I have the hardest time beginning to pee. I have found that if I run my hands under warm water, it speeds up the process a little bit. There has been no change in having to "go" more or less. It's just the time it takes to start it. And there is no pain with urination. I thought that mabye it was a bladder infection, but there is usually pain with that right? I also thought that it could be because every other part of my body is so weak that mabye this was another example of it. Or could it be from all of the meds that I'm taking? I have told my doctor numerous times and he pretty much shrugs his shoulders about it. He tried to have me give him a sample at the office. But I could not do it there. So he had to send me home with a sample jar and have me return it the next day. He gave me antibiotics anyways. But I do not want to take them until I find out what the results of the tests are. I try to take antibiotics as little as possible because I usually get horrible yeast infections from them. Yuck! Anyone know what I'm talking about?? It is so annoying!!!

    Also, my doctor wants me to have an MRI on my back to see why I am having so much pain there. Fibro does not show up on MRI's, right? Mabye I have kidney pain? Also, I do not have any insurance right now. I am waiting to get Medicaid. I have heard that Medicaid will cover 3 months of previous medical bills from when you start getting coverage. So I have just had my doctor's office bill me. But on Friday, I was told that because I do not have any coverage right now, I need to put down a $500 deposit to get the MRI! YEAH RIGHT!! I can't afford that!!! Does anyone have any suggestions about that?

    Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you guys!!!

    Love and Hugs,
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    I have had an IVP, 7 catscans, 3 ultra sounds, and 2 MRI's of my kidneys and bladder in a years time.
    I have had chronic bladder and kidney infections since I was thirteen years old, many urethral dialations (didn't help), kidney stones, and a large mass on my left kidney (.5 cm. from having to have that kidney removed).

    This last year I was on the Medicaid Spend-down Program,
    which is what you described above. In this program Medicaid determines your spend down amount, based on your income---then they pick up the rest. You do not have to pay out of pocket first! You are merely responsible for the remaining bills (Your Spend-down). They do this for 3 month periods, and you can reapply every three months. You will not get Spend down coverage, until you accrue the bills, this is how it differs from regular Medicaid coverage. I ran up over $30,000. in MRI's, CTs, and Ultrasounds, and Nephrologist bills.

    As far as the symptoms---bladder infections produce burning during urination, if they get bad, you can have burning continuously. It feels as if you are never finished urinating (like you need to go more) even when the flow stops. Usually the urine is filled with little white floaters (casts). It may or may not be dark colored, indicating blood due to irritation. Usually no damage results.

    Kidney infections are much more troublesome. Symptoms are flank pain (can be really bad) (flank is mid-back on the sides) High temperatures, nausea, and malaise. Urine can be dark indicating blood, and may have casts. Chronic Kidney infections do damage the kidneys.

    You are wise---Do not go the route of taking antibiotics BEFORE an infection is diagnosed through urinalysis--I can tell you this is a big mistake. In addition to setting you up for vaginal yeast infections, this also kills all the benefical bacteria in your GI tract, and sets you up for Candida (yeast) overgrowth.

    Where is the pain you are having?

    If you would like to email me I will be happy to tell you how to work the Spend-down program, to avoid out of pocket up front expenses. I will erase my email addy when you post that you have gotten it.

    Best wishes,
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    Thanks, I wrote down your e-mail address and will be writing you soon. That is very helpful info!

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    Are you on any opioid pain meds like vicodin or codiene? They will do definitely that!!! I don't take them usually, but I have had vicodin or tylenol w/codiene for a dose or two after surgery or procedures---that is always a side effect for me; I sit on the toilet & "contemplate" peeing before I can make it actually come out!! And if you take pain meds 24/7, I imagine that effect is amplified...

    If you are taking pain meds I think that's your answer, otherwise keep checking with your doctor in case it's something more serious!

    Also, MRI---can you temporarily put it on a credit card, until medicaid comes thru? Just a thought... the MRI won't show FM, but could be very valuable in showing herniated discs, etc...

    Good luck,
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