urine ph is getting normal, progress

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  1. JoFMS

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    Hi All,

    Just thought I'd update you all on how I'm doing on my new strict regime after 1 week. I tested my urine ph first thing this morning and it was around 7, it's always been off the scale and very acidic since I've been sick so to me this is an exciting day!

    Ok so it's just one day but I intend to keep it that way for my body to be able to heal. I think the daily veggie juice I started a week ago must be helping.

    Since giving up the volunteer work I do and getting rid of the stress, I'm realising how important it is to monitor my health, plot temperature graphs, note down dates any new supplements started and test my urine so I can see what needs adjusting - I now have the time to focus on just my health and nothing else which is a huge bonus that I understand not everyone can do but I really see getting better as a full time job.

    I will keep people updated with any progress I make as think it's important to inspire others.

    Hang in there everyone!

    HURTIN New Member

    Did you say 7 as in seven ???????????? Yessss! By George, that's fantastic news. Making your health your #1 priority is the best thing that you can do for yourself. Keep up the good work and keep us informed. Congratulations! (clapping wildly)
  3. JoFMS

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    Thank you for the encouragement hurtin! It really helps to keep me going and keeps me optimistic.

    It's quite funny what I get excited about these days!
  4. Honora88

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    It makes me want to go out and buy ph strips
  5. richvank

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    Hi, jofms.

    It's great to hear that your urine has risen to pH 7! Yes, vegetables will push it up, because of their high content of strong base formers (sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium). On the other hand, dietary proteins (containing strong acid formers such as sulfur and phosphorus) will tend to lower the urine pH. Carbonated beverages will lower it, also.

    This higher pH should help your kidneys to dump more of the toxins in your body into the urine, and get rid of them.

    I think I have mentioned this before, but if you or others are interested in the chemistry of this, the way this works is that many of the toxins in the body are chemically classified as weak acids. This means that in order to get them to dissociate into ions, it is necessary to raise the pH. When you raise the pH, you raise the concentration of hydroxide ions. That scoops up hydrogen ions to form water molecules, and pulls more hydrogen ions off of the weak acids, causing them to become ionized.

    Ionized species do not readily cross phospholipid membranes from aqueous solutions, because they are much more soluble in water than in lipids, water being a polar molecule and able to interact with the ions electrostatically.

    Therefore, when the kidneys have filtered these weak acid toxins out of the blood and the toxins are passing through the tubules in the kidneys, if they are ionized they will tend not to be reabsorbed into the blood by the cells lining the kidney tubules, but will tend to remain in the aqueous solution, pass on into the urine and be removed from the body. That's why a high pH is beneficial for detoxication.

    In toxicology, this mechanism is called "ion trapping."

    I hope this higher pH pays off for you.

    Best regards,

  6. deliarose

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    So, is the idea the more alkaline foods you eat (vegs), the more ion-trapping and the more toxins excreted?

    What are the types of toxins excreted this way?

    Being lazy here. Picking your brains instead of digging myself.[This Message was Edited on 07/02/2008]
  7. JoFMS

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    Thanks for the chemistry info Rich.

    So it's my second day of a normal urine ph level and to be honest I have to say I'm feeling a little better at the moment.

    Im not getting the awful headaches that I was before - although we will see in the next week as they do tend to come and go but I feel much happer knowing that something in my body has finally changed. I also feel a little stronger following my new regime and preparing for my amalgam filling removals. I just hope the removal of my amalgams doesn't put me back to square one but am confident I will get through it knowing that I am improving day by day.

  8. Honora88

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    How much better do you feel?
  9. JoFMS

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    ktn - I have not had a nasty headache or migraine since starting the juice and my new regime - I usually get them very freqently - at least 3 times a week.

    I still have all the usual aches with fibro - neck, shoulders, back, rib cage but I feel like I can cope better this last week.

    It's a slight improvement, not huge, only time will tell how much it's helping. It's hard to tell how I feel as I think I dont realise I feel better until I think back how nauseated I was before and how I had no appetite and as incredibly weak.

    I also have enough energy to do my stetches and go on my exercise machine - I thought I would never get to this point as I always felt so awful to do it. At the moment I do stretches twice a day and stand on my vibro tornado exercise machine for 6 mins every other day. I also do bicep curls 5 times a day with cans! I can only do all this in the monring and pretty much cant do a lot in the afternoon but it's def an improvment on a month ago.

    Urine ph is again 6.5-7 today.
  10. Honora88

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    So glad to hear.
  11. richvank

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    Hi, delia.

    There's a point of diminishing returns, both in terms of the ability to raise the pH using diet, and in terms of how much good it will do in excreting toxins. If you can adjust the diet to the point of getting the urine pH up to ph7 or maybe pH7.2, that's pretty good.

    My toxicology book specifically mentions salicylate compounds (such as aspirin) and phenobarbitol as being substances that can be excreted at higher rates if the urine pH is elevated by alkalization. The parameter that's important is what is called the pKa of the compound. That's effectively the pH at which hydrogen ions are removed, i.e. the pH at which the compound is ionized or dissociated. Anything tht has a pKa that is less than the pH that one is able to achieve will be significantly ionized and thus excreted in the urine. That covers a lot of substances.

  12. efly

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    is this why some people recommend a teaspoon of apple-cider vinegar on waking ? Where can I read more about this concept ? Does drinking alkanised water help? Thankyou
  13. JoFMS

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    Hi Efly,

    Yes apple cider vinegar will increase your urine ph I believe.

    There's quite a lot about alkalising diets on the net. My urine is still alkaline and it's definitely down to the vegetable juice I'm drinking as if I don't drink it then my urine returns to acidic. THe idea as mentioned is to get around ph of 7 so that your body starts detoxing correctly. Have a search on the net to find reasons why your body works better at a ph of approx 7. There's so many things.

    It's all very interesting and I feel at least I'm getting one part of my body right even though it's just a small step. I hope to start the methylation protocol at some point but I cannot get hold of the supplements at the moment as I live in SA so have to look for a reliable supplier.

    Here is a website that lists alkalising foods but I find it easier just to fdrink a glass of fresh veggie juice every morning and try to eat as much of the raw food diet as poss. I am vegetarian so this also seems to help me.


    Hope this helps!