Urine testing in Massachussetts

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    People in this state are having their urine tested and it seemed to have people worried So I thought I would post what I have read online trying to figure out what is going on

    My boyfriends mom has Fibro and other things wrong she takes percocet every day and ativan a muscle relaxer and some other things thursday of last week she went to pick up her med and had to pee in a cup first the next day it happened to me we go to diff docs it also happened to some on here

    I call her my mother in law Soo my mil was handed a paper that said and labs name a was told they were the people that would be helping with the testing she was also told it was for her ativan

    I was only told I would be being put back on their automatic refill program which I was on a year ago they had givin me a paper to read back then not this timeI also had signed something the 1st time not this time

    I was told pee in this cup and I will give you your script now there is a certain day I go in and script is ready to make it so I do not have to call in just pick up each month.

    So I left worried as I had no pain meds that day but too much soma I am on methadone which stays in you for awhile so more worried about the soma

    So I started reading online and found a law was passed in mass in april to do random drug tests on people on opiods and other controlled substances.

    I do think this will be happeniing in other states they talked about 2 different major databases that are used to store the info from the tests

    I did not find any info about if they are testing for illegal substances but I think they may be most of the stuff I found points to them doing this to prevent diversion which is people getting meds to sell on the streets

    I was worried it was to check on us make sure we are not taking to much but I think it is to make sure we are not taking to little or none

    everyone seemed so worried about this on the other post but if you are taking your meds right it should not matter. I do not think an extra pill here or there will make a big difference and most docs are understanding if you had a baddd day and neede a lil more as long as it is not a habit if you have a test and are worried be honest for me this is harder because I have had problems b4 so my doc is more worried about me.

    they are most likely gonna test you when you go in for a refill so make sure days b4 you are taking them as prescribed

    they do have halflives for how long they stay in you someone else may know more about that

    and urine testing is not the most accurate way from what I read cuz different people elimate things differetly

    I wish I knew how long the test takes I guess it depends if they send it out like my mil doc does

    So I dunno if this helps anyone everyone seemed so worried

    I do think this will be happening everywhere eventuallty sorry-Kim

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    It is very easy to abuse pain meds and become addicted, and then doctor shop and get more pills/variety of pills from other doctors. The urine tests tell them you are taking your prescribed medication exactly as prescribed and in the amount prescribed and that you are not abusing medication.

    Dr. Phil just had a show about a women who started on prescription drugs and worked her way into stealing prescription drugs and is a full blown addict who will die soon and Dr. Phil helped her into rehab. Apparently the law where you are is to find the addicts but regular people are being checked. If there is a problem, you tell them to do the urine test over again.

    And remember, you can't eliminate tons of medication unless you are abusing it and it is in your system. There are surely parameters (lab values) science has established for all labs as to how much and during what period the body excretes every drug you use and they know that. You don't have to worry.
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