US doctors who use Lidocaine IVs for fibro?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by survivalmode, Sep 17, 2010.

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    Hi ~
    I am looking for doctors in the US who use lidocaine IVs for fibro. If any of you currently have this treatment, I would love to know who your doctor is/where, and also if this helped. I have read a few articles over the years on this, but my doctor (and the pain specialists in my area) are not familiar with this yet. I contacted one of the doctors in the article via email, but found out he was in Brazil. I am looking for something new to try, since nothing else is working for me.
    Thanks ~
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    In the RSD world..which many RSDers have Fibro and visa versa...Lidocaine IVs are used a lot. Most Universities are now doing these. You must contact the head of the Pain Centers at the Universities. this is a very common place thing now. If you have heart irregularities then you must not do lidocaine. Also Ketamine infusions are now being used for severe pain in RSd people. Those of course have a bigger risk. So call around at your top Universities and see who is doing them near you. Hope this helps.
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    The national site for rsd that has a slew of info on it is Then if you go on the or and look under RSD you can find info. The has info under treatments on the lidocaine infusions. You can google rsd and lidocaine ivs too.

    Here are some posted here on Prohealth.[This Message was Edited on 09/19/2010]
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    Hi kjm ~

    Thanks for your input. To tell you the truth, I'd take the placebo effect right now! LOL

    The reason I was looking into this is because I have read articles here, and on another FM message board about FM patients being treated with a five day course of IV lidocaine and having around 30 days pain free following. That sounds great to me! I don't think now it would even be an option for me because I have mitral valve prolapse. I am always trying to find something out there!

    Off the top of my head, I have tried:

    Meds: flexeril/elavil combo, cymbalta, topamax, neurontin, depakote (may have been for headaches instead of FM, I can't remember), lyrica, prozac

    Treatments: chiropractic adjustment, trigger point injections

    Misc: yoga, supplements, warm-water exercise class

    Docs: internal medicine pcp, rheumatologist, chiropractor, neurologist

    My pcp told me FM is a form of arthritis, my rheumatologist told me it is central nervous system problem, my neurologist told me it is a disorder of the connective tissues.

    I currently am taking effexor, nuvigil, and darvocet as needed.

    I welcome any suggestions/comments! Do you have FM? I looked on your profile and saw you posted something on the autism board - do you have someone in your life who has autism? My son, 16, has asperger's syndrome.

    Have a great day!!!
  5. survivalmode

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    Can you tell me what this is? I haven't heard of this . . .

    Thanks!!! :)

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