US Gov Pesticide Exposure Experiments: Target Children-

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Bluebottle, Nov 18, 2008.

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    he Washington Post reports (below) that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced plans to enroll 60 young children in Duval County, Florida - infants to age 3 - exposing them to pesticides to study how the children absorb poisonous chemicals!

    In this experiment children will literally be relegated to the status of human guinea pigs. This experimental abuse of children demonstrates what the chemical / pharmaceutical industry buys when it "contributes" funds to government agencies, public officials, scientists and academic institutions. (cont)

    this is unbelievable

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    I posted this same article several years ago. I too was horrified. The government and the FDA and the NIH have failed us MISERABLY. If I remember correctly, this particular study did get halted, but won't swear to it.

    College students have also been enrolled in studies where they are put in an isolation type booth and fogged with various pesticides. It absolutely disgusts me.

    I have a significant history with pesticide exposure and have done a LOT of research on their effects. NONE of it is pretty. Please read my bio.
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    As I sit here watching a man spray pesticide below windows of apartments where people try to live and breathe, Bluebottle, this isn't all that unbelievable.

    If you're interested you might want to dig into "Downwinders" info, ditto that of the USMilitary experimentally spraying flu, etc., germs over San Francisco Bay Area shipyards during WWII, and countless other incidents of humans being used as test subjects with or witout their consent.
    You'll get led down some VERY interesting trails.

    I tracked down the whole article from the 2004 study and sent a copy to EPA, asking for results.

    Got the following advisory, as my e-mail was possibly still jetting toward EPA:

    Thanks for getting in touch
    Thank you for your inquiry to EPA R4's web site. This is to acknowledge receipt of your e-mail at the EPA. We'll attempt to identify the EPA office, staff person, hotline or clearinghouse that would best be able to answer your question.

    Because of the high volume of email from the web site, we are not always able to research your request ourselves and must refer you to the most appropriate resource. Our staff does make every effort to process all e-mail requests within ten working days of receipt, although usually it is much quicker.

    "Ten working days," eh? Anybody want to bet I get nothing at all or, at best, a fast shuffle in the form of being referred from one sub-agency to sub-sub-agency, etc., until the initial request can be said to have gotten lost somewhere?


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    This is an urban legend. In 2004 an email was sent to many people about an experiment using children as guinea pigs being exposed to pesticides.

    The study which people misconstrued, was to study children who had already been exposed to pesticides such as children living on farms, etc.

    Read the Washington Post article. It says nothing about children being exposed to pesticides and then studies.

    Eventually, this specific study had to be shut down because of the experiment had been grossly misrepresented. The person who was going to conduct the experiment received death threats.

    While the government did do some experiments in the 40's these experiments have been stopped due to the knowledge we now have about pesticides. No experiments were done using children or the poor who supposedly got something like a mixmaster to participate.

    I looked at the sites about this subject and it looks like some are into conspiracy theories. They cite legitimate information such as the Washington Post and twist its meaning to make this Urban Ledgend sound true.

    Goggle Urban Legends and you will find that this incident is not true.

    We need to be careful about posts like this as all this does is cause fear mongering.


    ETA I am curious how this relates to FM/CFS/ME.


    ETA This is one of the websites where I found the above information.[This Message was Edited on 11/18/2008]

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