us healthcare proposals take funding away from medicare

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    I was reading more about the proposed healthcare reform, and all of the proposals include funding the new healthcare system in part by cutting medicare payments to hospitals, drs, the heck does that make any sense?

    First of all, Medicare is already in big trouble - this plan; in essence taking money from medicare when there is no money to take is stupid planning, it won't go very far bc the money is going to run out, and it is entirely unfair to those depending on medicare, and second, Medicare already pays providers so poorly that many drs won't take patients on it - if they cut what it pays further, then there are going to be even fewer drs willing to accept it (& I don't even blame them)

    so once again, the poor, disabled, and elderly are the ones who get to suffer, bc they are the ones with the least power.....this sucks!!!!
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    Yep..I hear ya~~Jeanne
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    The Administration and their propaganda pitbulls have denied this from the beginning and still say there will be no cuts to Medicare!!! There was a discussion about Healthcare Bills on the ChitChat board a few weeks ago. Those who take the time to research the "real" truths will find a lot of what they say ISN'T in the bills, actually IS.
    They are saying one thing then doing another and are wording things in a way that is misleading.
    I've said from the beginning of this debate, no one should rush on this bill, it is too important not to get it right. The current bill won't change what is wrong with US healthcare, it just won't. It may cover more people, but it won't fix the problems!
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    regarding the Public Option. It is currently on the second page there. Scroll down to the cut and pasted information people put on the thread from AARP and Mothers (something, sorry can't remember but you'll see it) these were emailed propaganda letters sent to people to counteract the information put out by opposition. The opposition in most cases read the bill, found these items questionable and began to get the word out to the public. The Administration then began a campaign to "debunk the myths", which they are still trying to do today.
    Unfortunately, I no longer believe anything that comes out of Democrats mouths on this bill anymore because the truth is out there and they still think we are dumb enough to believe what they say as opposed to fact checking for ourselves.
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    I will have to look at the chit chat board later - can't stay on the computer very long at all these days, but I just wanted to let you know that the source I was reading when I posted this was the Chicago Tribune - though they can certainly get things wrong or skew them, this was an article and chart outlining 3 possible plans and comparing the main details (and did not appear biased - just gave the facts).....under the part where it explained how the plans were to be paid for, all three included cuts on medicare payments to hospitals and providers
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    I just get a little upset when government says one thing and does another. I am just glad that the facts are getting out there. Medicare and SS shouldn't be cut, period. Isn't Medicare and SS in enough trouble as it is. These are programs we are already paying out of pocket for, FOR YEARS before we get access to them!!!! There are tons of programs in Government that are just wasteful spending, but they always cut these and Education....Geesh!
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    I don't think that you did come across in a bad way at all.....I just thought that I should clarify where I found the info
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    We rely on our Medicare...have paid into it for years and "bought" it. How the government can spend our money so foolishly and have no remorse is beyond belief. AuntTammie, you are sooo right. Many doctors already won't take Medicare patients. What are we going to do when we get turned away by more? Most of us don't have the health to travel miles and miles to see a doc that will provide us care, and by then the only ones who will take us probably won't be those with good reputations!

    Justlooking, yes, the information is there for those wanting to find it. Unfortunately, so many believe what they hear and won't check it out. Our representatives are trying, but are being "forced" to make a decision that many of them don't want to make. Some of them are even saying that on the news these days. What a world! ................Jole
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    It's so scarey! I feel so helpless as to what to do about the situation.

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    Glad to see you all speaking up. I agree.