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  1. Jennyflower33

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    just wondering what supplements u take and how u r doing? did dr ray strand help u?
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    Hi jennyflower33,

    I'm not usanagirl, but I do take USANA "Goldpack" and it's the best supplement I've ever been on.

    I was able to stop taking all of the other stuff that I was taking to boost my immune system and so on after a couple of months on the USANA.

    The Xyrem had resolved most of my FM/CFIDS symptoms before I started the USANA, but the USANA did things like help my nails get healthy again, clear up my rosacea, and heal a sore that had been in my nasal passage for 14 years!

    I would recommend USANA to anyone with these illnesses, and there is a money back guarantee - something you don't find with many supplements out there..

    - julie (is free!)

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    I take the Healthpak 100 along with the Biomega 3 and also the shakes and bars. I'm hooked, I love the products...I feel so much better, more sustained energy...I had arthritis in my hands which I have been painfree from since January.

    I would encourage anyone to do their research on these products as well as reading Dr. Strand's books...What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You and Death by Prescription.

    I still believe in traditional medicine, but it's a fact that giving your body the proper nutrients in advanced levels will enhance the effects of prescription medication.

    Hope this helps!
  4. usanagirl

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  5. Jennyflower33

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    have just ordered the book! how bad were u feeling when u got diagnosed and how long have u had this for? like what were your symptoms? and how long did it take for u to notice imnprovement after takign the supps?

    sorry lotsa q's...
  6. usanagirl

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    I had developed this burning sensation in my throat and esophagus that disabled me from eating for about a week. It felt like a chemical burn but didn't know how I could've done that...not like swallowed drano or anything...
    I was zapped of energy and my body began to ache and thought maybe it was just exhaustion from exercising. They ran a couple of test that of course, came back negative. So I was diagnosed with anorexia and given Zoloft. I was furious! How could these tests possibly show nothing when I was feeling terrible!!??
    It wasn't until 2005 and 2 children later when I was at my limit with my these symptoms when a friend of mine introduced me to Dr. Strand's site. I immediately became a member, ordered the books and have been on his regimen ever since!!

    ps. I'm glad to hear you ordered the book!! Very informative!!

  7. Jennyflower33

    Jennyflower33 New Member

    so how r u feeling now? r u leading a normalish life? just some more details on your symptoms and stuff and how u r now wud b helpful. thanks usana gal!
  8. usanagirl

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    I feel better than ever! I still get exhausted, especially by the end of the day and will have neck and shoulder pain, but I think more from everyday stress than anything else. I believe in the power of faith, support of friends and family, my supplements and most importantly, belief in myself!

    How are you doing?
  9. Jennyflower33

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    im absolutely awful. 2 months ago i had to give up work and my whole life. i am flu like, tired, no energy, washed out, completely drained, weak muscles that burn and are heavy....i feel so ill all the time. im not sleeping, my eczema is raging.....i have hypoglycemia which means i have to eat shit food every 2 hours - annoying when u just want to stay in bed. so yeah, thats me. this all started in januray with a flu like virus. was gettign over it very very slowly, but then started getting flu like heavy, ill feelings which became constant like now....i hardly know myself anymore. oh yeah and im depressed....hmmm wonder why...and obviously feeling very sorry for myself too.
  10. usanagirl

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    I feel for you, wish I could give you a hug. ((((((hug)))))

    I have remained active, by choice, and refused to allow the physicians to medicate me for the rest of my life.

    Are you currently taking any medications?
  11. Jennyflower33

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    how did u manage to remain active? i just cant do it. maybe i shud b more positive? no im not on any meds. im taking about 4 different supplements tho. so were u ever this bad?
  12. Jennyflower33

    Jennyflower33 New Member

    thanks 4 hug by the way...much needed!
  13. usanagirl

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    at least, I don't think so. I do remember though going through the not sleeping stage to the tune of 5 mths straight...about an hour and half of sleep at night...I was definitely broke down mentally and emotionally! I didn't know what was wrong with me, the doctor just thought I was nuts, and I felt completely out of control. hmmm....can't imagine why?!

    I just kept plugging away, working, exercising (lightly), playing with my kids, reading, reading and yeah...reading! I took supplements before, thought they were all the same. Well, guess I was wrong.

    You need to remain positive. BELIEVE that you will get better, TRUST that your high power is going to bring you someone that will reach out to you and help you. It's a mind set. The world will not reward you physically, until you believe it mentally.

    You're welcome for the hug! :)
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