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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by acheallover, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. acheallover

    acheallover New Member

    Hello all, I have been using Lyrica for the past 3 months. It has really helped with the pain I have that travels over my hip down my leg into my second toe(next to my big toe). I have been using 150mg. and I am now increasing to 225mg. daily in divided doses. I feel that Lyrica has also improved some pain in my trigger points. Does anyone else have any experience using Lyrica, and what doses are you taking? thanks and take care.
  2. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    I have been taking Lyrica for just over 7 months now. I take 300mg a day (3 doses of 100mg). I find that it has helped some with my pain and has also helped my IBS, stomach problems (muscle spasms in stomach) and with my sleep. It doesn't help me fall asleep but I sleep well once I am asleep.

    The only side effect I still get is blurry vision and that has improved a lot since I started. I definitly get more good than bad out of this drug and will definitly keep taking it!
  3. yjswan

    yjswan New Member

    Good morning,
    I've been on Lyrica for about a month now and still have not seen any results. What I have experienced is feeling kind of dopey, sleepy much of the time, and blurred vision. It sounds like I should hang in there because everything I have read on this site sounds promising. I just pray that this dopey, sleepy feeling passes soon.
    Looking forward to relief from pain.
  4. IowaMorningGlory

    IowaMorningGlory New Member

    What dosage are you on? Just wondering because my dosage was increased and now I have those problems, but I didn't before.

    Lyrica has helped my pain, which I didn't realize until I stopped it one day just to see. Ya, I paid for that one, but now I know in combination with Ultram it does work for me.

    Thank you and take care,
    Blessed Be & Kitten Hugs,
  5. yjswan

    yjswan New Member

    I'm on 150 mg. One in morning, and two at bedtime. I go back to see my rheumy in January. He plans to increase if I tolerate this dosage well and see results. If not, he plans to try something else.
  6. Fudge43

    Fudge43 New Member

    Hi there .. I have been trying to find the right dose for myself since summer .. I went through the stage that I thought it made me too dopey and didn't do much .. but my doctor and I worked through this and I am now on one dose of 225 mgs at night .. I get much better SLEEP .. my muscles relax .. it turns down the burning and tingling in my feet and hands .. it works for me !

    I think I am the only one that only uses it at night .. normally it is a divided dose .. but this is what works for me now.
    Good Luck !
  7. webintrig

    webintrig New Member

    It seems I am having mood swings on this drug after an increase...or...maybe not..husband just says so...haha..can't blame it on that time of the month...anywho.. and we were told to watch for this and let them know?

    They are talking about putting me on prozac for the mood swings.

    Well, any feedback on this is welcomed.

  8. acheallover

    acheallover New Member

    Hello, I am also taking Zoloft, which my MD said was better then Prozac. I had been on Prozac for 3+ years, and felt like I was in a fog. I feel better on the Zoloft, I like I said originally, the Lyrica has really helped me. Good luck, Phyllis
  9. jdkc

    jdkc New Member

    I have only been on Lyrica 1 1/2 weeks, and I have been having terrible mood swings.

    I'm on a very low dose(75mg once a day at bed time)but it is almost to much for me. I feel sleepy all day and my moods are all over the place.

    Dr. wants me to try it for a month. Don't know if my family and I will be able to handle it that long.

  10. DorothyVivian

    DorothyVivian New Member

    Acheallover, your username describes how I felt last year when I started with Lyrica at 100 mg. in 24 hours. I found starting at 25 mg twice a day; 50 mg before bed minimized the side effects of blurry vision and dizziness in the beginning. I received about 75% reduction in muscle pain and continue to experience relief.

    However, before I started with Lyrica, I wasn't able to recognize the back pain and an MRI showed I have two vertabrae affected by degeneration of the spine and this causes me pain not much affected by Lyrica. For the back pain, I take Ultracet twice a day and this has helped with the back pain.

    A big weather change seems to bring on more pain. A heating pad helps ease the pain in my lower back.

    I bought a cane with a seat that folds out and this helps shorten the times I'm kept standing. And, as time goes on, the pain mgmt. docs tell me there are other things I can try.

    Getting lots of rest and sleep reduces discomfort and pain.

    Take heart, dear friend, I'm sure you will discover ways to feel better!

    With love, Dorothy
  11. acheallover

    acheallover New Member

    Hi Dorothy, thanks for your reply. I have just increased the Lyrica to 75mg. mid day, and 150mg. at bedtime, along with Ambien CR 12.5mg. I also take Tramadol 50mg. 1-2 times a day. All in all, my pain seems to be better. I do use Lidocaine patches if one area becomes very painful. Blessings, Phyllis
  12. Suzan

    Suzan New Member

    Don't split pills unless you are sure it will have no effect on the effectiveness of the drug. If you are concerned about your doc to start you on a lower dose!

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