using medications AND supplements--- :)

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bigmama2, May 15, 2010.

  1. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    and using traditional AND alternative/natural treatments--

    many, probably most of us on this board use these combinations. I do! (do your research, talk to your dr, etc)

    just wanted to remind everyone that it doesnt have to be all or nothing, one vs the other. some people chose to ONLY do traditional, some chose to ONLY do alternative, but MOST chose to do both.

    even those people who are seen as "bashing" their "opposing" side, probably use both.

    and some of the "bashers" just want science based evidence that a treatment (traditional OR alternative) really works. they may not want to waste their money, time, and hopes on unproven "stuff".

    and let's face it- BOTH big pharma and big suppla are driven by profits. sorry, but it's true.

    well, i'm off to take a handful of meds and supps! dont worry - i have already checked with my doctor/healer/guru/shaman/surgeon/chiro/and astrologist. (LOL)


  2. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    good post. I use both!
  3. bigmama2

    bigmama2 New Member

    ladies and gents!

    broadcasting- LOL
  4. bobbycat

    bobbycat New Member

    My Dr is a naturapathic (sp) I use both and he likes it and prescribes both and in fact I have problems with sinus infections to the point I cannot continue to take antibiotics (sp) so he prescriped N-A-C 500 mg I take two times a day they help my sinus to be not so stuffy thank goodness. Now my husband takes them daily.
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  5. Misfit101

    Misfit101 New Member

    I take both as well. I HAVE to have my pain meds. My back is trashed and i know id be bedridden without them. A lady in a wheelchair was berating me for taking narcotics and got up on a moral high horse about it until i pointed out that she was in a wheelchair and i was walking. Her issue was back problems as well. I could still end up in that wheelchair like my neurologist said would eventually happen but ill take whatever keeps me on my feet. I recently started supplementing and id swear the vit D is helping with energy. If its a placebo effect i dont care. Id be crazy if i did....
  6. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    Thanks for reminding us that we may be diverse as a whole, we are still not really that different in our belief's. "We all want to feel better by whatever means work for us."

    I also use both supplements and prescribed medications.

    I miss Rafiki...I'm sure she would have had something wildly wonderful to think about:)


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