using steroids for weak adrenals

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    i am in UK and would love to hear back from anyone who has used hydrocortone to support their adrenal function. My cortisol levels are very low despite this and loads of nutritional and herbal support. My Dr now says I am steroid dependent, but that this would have happened anyway as my adrenals packed up. Is there anyone with experience of this, in the same boat, or told the same thing but got off the hydrocort in the end?
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    SALSA ... I was tested by an endocrinologist for this problem .. while I was going through the test ( took a couple of hours ) she was telling me that steroid was the medication for this problem .. I was not happy about that .. most people that take them have problems .. swelling ... weight gain etc .. I didn't need any of those problems on top of what was already wrong.
    In the end .. the tests were not clear enough to go that route and I was too happy NOT to have to do it either ..
    I'm sorry you are having a bad time of it .. makes me appreciate that I didn't have to do it too .. hope you can get better help and answers for what you need !
    Fudge : )
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    That is interesting. I think that prednisone (taken for back pain and a month later for poision oak) is what threw me into this problem of fatigue.

    I now find that when I am dragging around and sleeping too much I can take 5 mg of Hydrocodone and that will give me enough energy to get moving again.

    I have slowly weaned off the hydrocodone and seldom use anything for pain anymore...

    Wondering now where the hydrocodone fits into the adrenal fatigue problem???

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    Dear Salsal,

    I have had cfs for about ten years: one of my doctors did a whole range of tests and determined that I had low thyroid and exhausted adrenals. The tests were 24 hour saliva tests, as well as blood tests, to give max. accuracy in readings. I take my temperatures daily and the daily average is 36.3 and should be about 36.8 He has put me on the following combination:liothyronine (T3 30mcg) combined with hydrocortisone 10mg. (Note: drug names and measurements are Australian.) Have been on them for 5/6 weeks, and so there is not real effect evident yet. He said that my body temp. should go up and I should become a little more active and my body start to burn up fat and gradually build muscle and lose weight. A year before he started this treatment he put me on iodine drops and rhodiola herb to prepare the adrenals and thyroid for the medication: apparently they were really bad. There are lots of books on the topics, but these two I have found very reader friendly: The Cortisol Connection by Shawn Talbott (Hunter House) and Adrenal Fatigue by James L Wilson (Smart Publications)Hope this helps - I do not know if I am benefiting from the treatment, but at least it is something to try,.
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    I don't have an rx that says hydrocortone .... But I am being treated for adrenal fatigue among other gland related problems.

    My hormones rx'es come from a compounding pharmacy ... Cortisol ext release ... the plan is to take it for 3 months at first and then re-evaluate. We're giving my adrenal a vacation so it can come back and do it's thing on it's own.

    I also take DHEA/Pregnenolone as part of the same treament plus whole food b-complex, etc.

    I'm not worried about how cortisol is going to affect me. I realize alot of the horror stories about steroids are out there, but I feel comfortable with the route my doctor is taking.

    All my hormone treatments are bio-identical ... I just have a much higher comfort level with them. Of course here DHEA/Pregnen. is available as a supplement, but I'm using a brand made for my doctor. It has taken out the need for me to research and worry over whether the product is good quality.

    Good luck with your treatment. I sometimes hate that we have to investigate every little treatment option and all the ancillary aspects to it before we can get help.

    O.K. .... That was my little whine for the day! The good side is that I have become educated in areas I never had a clue about prior to this!

    Take care,

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    My PCP put me on prednisone and I've felt so much better. When I saw my rheumy and told him and he wanted to keep me on a low dose of prednisone and he believes that my adrenals are pretty well shot and that's why I felt so much better so fast.

    I still have pain, but I don't have that overwhelming fatigue that I had before.