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    Good night readers and i would welcome if there is a doctor on board.
    sometime last week i started suffering form some discomfort in my private, it felt like i wanted to miscarry, i went to a gynecologist and she sent me to do an ultra sound which i completed, day before yesterday, everything seemed normal with the exception, of a lump identified to the posterior aspect of the uterus ( corporeal toward the posterior wall) measuring 5.01 cm which shows peripheral blood flow within . liquid areas are also seen towards the periphery- suggest fibroid with hemorrhagic zone but no exclude to be uterine malignancy. i was further sent to complete a Ca-125 test, which came back as 21.0 h U/ml. The gyno said that's borderline. I also completed a pap smear, upon the pap smear process blood was found at the mouth
    of the uterus or cervix. I presently await that result. despite the use of the pan killers i am still experiencing the urge to push or a very heavy pressing down of my uterus mouth feeling like if i want to miscarry a child.
    my question is could the lump cause that feeling? or might there be more going on ? i await surgery while i am not sure i can await for the 10 days schedule , i just need some answers. if anyone had this experience
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    I hope by now you've had your surgery.

    ProHealth doesn't provide any doctors or professionals for these boards, so any advice you receive is from regular people just like you. Please continue with the advice of your gynecologist/surgeons/doctors so you are taken care of. Good luck and hugs.