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    I was just reading thru some posts and read about UTI issues...that is one issue that I don't
    deal with, I can't remember when I had one, maybe back in my love days....but not in at
    least 20 yrs I think.

    Most of you know how I LOVE grape seed ex and have talked about it since I came here
    in 2006....grape seed ex contains anti bacterial and anti fungal properties...and from what
    I gather UTI (bladder infection) is from bacteria. Here are some remedies for UTI:

  2. jaminhealth

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    Bumping up for those who are challenged with UTI's....

    Get every last drop of urine out of the tract.....
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    Another good remedy is cranberries. Drinking the juice has a lot of calories if you drink the kind with sugar in it. But I found that the cranberry softgels work great. I take the Swanson brand regularly and haven't had a UTI since I started them. They're cheap too!

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    Mary, trader joe's has a pure cranberry, not from concentrate juice, low sugar, low carb....I don't drink a glass but add 1-2 oz to my MSM drink I make every morning, along with 1-2 oz aloe vera, gets my day going.....good idea for the cran softgels thou.....i'm good on the uti issue and am so thankful.... take care...jam

    Today is Peace Day, ummmmm.....a lot killed in iraq and in africa today, and a bunch reported in chicago, it will never end........oh that elusive peace...
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    Hi Jam - I've had the TJ pure cranberry juice before. I just saw sugar-free cranberry juice in the regular grocery store too! It's good, but it's easier and cheaper for me to take the softgels, especially because I take them every day.

    I didn't know it was Peace Day yesterday ..... wish it really was a peaceful day ...