UTI symptoms that are odd,feedback please

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    Hi! I am posting this on chit chat hoping all will see.
    I am 35 and have RA,FMS,heart trouble,etc...(long list).
    For the last couple of weeks I have had UTI symptoms.
    At first my urine smelled sulfur like(for a day or two). Then I had some frequency and urgency. I have aching in the back and kidneys with some fever and nausea. Now my urine is smelling musty like mildew(for over a week)! It is cloudy too. I took a urine sample to the Dr,I hope the lab can find out what it is,I know some testing is time sensitive and an old sample may not show the trouble.
    Any ideas? I researched this and found possibilities,but nothing definitive.
    (oh,I have had UTI's in the past and I do have a history of renal stones and renal colic,my urologist is not helpful!)

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    The aching in back and kidneys with fever sounds possibly very serious. Maybe not just a bladder infection but infection of kidneys.

    Ummm, lab should have an idea in about ten minutes once they start processing it. There probably are "dipsticks" available at pharmacy that will detect quickly white blood cells and most bacteria (both are signs of infection).

    By refrigerating, the urine can be kept "fresh" for a day though the specimen may turn cloudy because crystals tend to form at low temperatures.

    Besides telling if an infection, the lab can do antibiotic sensitivities of the infecting bacteria. Thus, letting doc know the best antibiotic to use.

    If left too long at room temp, the bacteria can multiply and falsely make it look like you have infection.

    Hope more than enough info, but let me know if any other questions, etc, your mr Bill