UTI that won't clear up

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    I've had UTI, cultured to be Group B Strep since the middle of July. Been treated and cultured 5 times, I can't get rid of it. I had a pelvic exam and abdominal ultrasound. All started while on vacation in Maryland, then in Michigan. I have an appointment to see regular PCP here at home, today and a Urologist in October.

    I have lengthy history with UTI, have had probably HUNDREDS of them. But,,,they always clear up and now they aren't. Anyone have any ideas?

    Interestingly, it started while I was doing the Clinical Trial of ATP Fuel, by Dr. Garth Nicholson from The Center for Molecular Medicine. They are probably not related, but they did coincide.
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    I'm so sorry as I know how awful UTI's can be. I'm sure they did a sensitivity test to select the best ABX to use. I had the same thing with Klebsiella which caused pneumonia/bronchitis and then went on to cause UTI's for a year. It took multiple courses of Bactrim to get rid of them but eventually it did clear up. Hopefully, the urologist can help you. Prayers going up.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie, thanks for the prayers. Yes, they've done sensitivity. Of course it's resistant to everything except the drugs I'm allergic to. And two that cause Kidney damage. The only ones left are given only by injection or IV. I also have a regular UTI right now (by regular I mean e-coli) and that won't clear up either. Something is up. And, as the infection worsens each time, it makes my heart beat weird, thud hard and short of breath.

    Hopefully my PCP can fix me up.
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    Have you tried d-mannose? It's a sugar which can help prevent and get rid of some UTIs. Google it for more info.

    I've had pain in my right kidney for over 20 years. Tests showed nothing, so docs did nothing. I think it was some kind of low grade infection. Anyways, I've been taking d-mannose now (1 tsp. a day in water) for a couple of months and my kidney is much better. A lot of people swear by it for UTIs.

    Before I started the d-mannose I had a UTI (I don't know which bacteria) and my doctor gave me Keflex, which worked, but I started the d-mannose any way for my kidney.

    I did the ATP fuel test too - did not get a UTI, but it didn't help me at all either. (drat!)

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    One thing I have found, which seems counterintuitive, is to put lemon or lime juice in my water and drink a lot. Both are acidic but are alkaline in the body. This helps soothe the lining of the bladder and reduces the workload on the system to balance PH.

    Good luck and let us know how you are doing.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I have taken high doses of d-Mannose in the past and it never got rid of or prevented me from getting infections. But,,, that was back when I was getting e-Coli with normal symptoms, burning and frequency. I could try it again. And hey, I'm game for the lemon juice too.

    I had injections yesterday and today at doctors' office of Rocephin. When I went today, I reported to Dr. that urine symptoms were no better, but my heart issues were MUCH better. Well, tonight, by bladder, kidneys, ureters are SCREAMING and my heart is thudding and pounding like crazy. It's NOT working. AND, I don't see Rocephin listed as being one of the drugs it is sensitive to. What the !?!?!

    I can tell that both the Group B Strept and the e-coli infection are raging. Oh,,,AND,,,on the culture and sensitivity report, (I got the copy of one of them) it showed Klebsiella, but not over 100,000 which apparently is the cut off for considering that bacteria is causing infection. I'm getting VERY worried.
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    I like the idea of garlic pills. I was actually going to start juicing today, as I use fresh garlic to make it. It's been years since I used garlic pills, but will run out and buy some today. I also had a Klebsiella infection 5-8 years ago that tested sensitive to Uva Ursi which I used, as directed. Something has got to work here.

    The infection that's been resistant is the Group B Strep. My reading says pregnant women can be plagued with it and people with bladder cancer. Hopefully, I don't fall into either group.
  8. Mikie

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    I don't know whether this would work with UTI's but years ago I had an underarm rash which was Strep. Evidently I had gotten it from a deodorant sample. Nothing worked. Finally, the doc had a lab make a serum from the bacteria and injected it in a weakened form to sensitize my own immune system, much like one takes allergy shots. It worked!

    I got an e-coli infection from cooked hamburgers. I think it was cross contamination from utensils because it was well done. I blew up like the Michelin Man around the middle. The doc said the worst strains of e-coli can attack the organs and that the body will swell up around them to try to protect them. I had horrible pain around the liver and pancreas and that pain will occasionally come back. My lab work didn't show any malfunction of them so the doc wasn't concerned that there was permanent damage. E-coli is another infection which can be very difficult to get rid of.

    I'm so sorry you have been through so much with this and that the last treatment just made things worse. More prayers going up.

    Love, Mikie
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    I was wondering like Patti if you should focus on doing antifungal type things. I am new here but have learned alot of what we deal with parallels with fungus issues. Something that has helped me has been alternating the antifungals and using a probiotic daily. I think juicing is a great idea. I juice at least 5 times a week just with carrot juice due to it's antifungal properties.

    I had strep before in just my thumb. It was extremely painful.

    Praying 4 u,