UTI's work to not get them

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    I haven't had this one for many yrs....and I know many many women do....a wise old friend who is now gone told me yrs ago.....sit there and get every last drop of urine out of the urinary tract ...that urine left in there breeds infection.....

    Drink lots of clean pH high water and sit there and squeeze every last drop out.

    Of course, there is the sexual reasons for UTI's, get up and clean out the tract quickly......

    And be MINDFUL to do the keegle work, it's easy and free and it helps with the muscles down in that area....just do them...[This Message was Edited on 09/17/2012]
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    If you have pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, and many FMS folks do, Kegel's will make it worse. I know, because only one month of doing them made me so much worse that I was considering surgery. Then I looked it up on the Internet and found out my error. I looked up pelvic floor exercises on YouTube and am now doing those instead, and they are very different from Kegels. Physical Therapy can really help this problem, though I think it would be mega-embarrassing, since they massage inside you.

    A lot of us may have IC, in which case I strongly recommend taking Prelief with every meal, again from personal experience. It is OTC at the drugstore and it really handles the acid irritation, without the dangers of PPI drugs. Also, if you think or know that you have IC, avoid the cranberry pills, which otherwise are very helpful, or take a double dose of Prelief with them if you are sure you have a UTI. Another helpful thing I've found for easing IC pain when peeing is to keep a mister bottle of clean water near the commode and spray yourself immediately after each urination. It dilutes the urine and gets rid of the burning effect on your vulva.

    Some of us may have a cystocele, where part of the bladder has herniated (prolapsed) into the vagina, which is why it can be so hard to get every last drop out, as jamminhealth correctly pointed out we should do, and we often go back to pee again ten minutes later, though we had been sure we were done. Pushing to make it come out will make cystoceles, rectoceles and enteroceles worse, again from my personal experience. You name it, I've done it wrong! The thing to do is spread your legs wide, put your chest down on your thighs and relax until it comes out on it's own. That position presses on the bladder without making you push on the hernia, which makes it bigger over time. I am amazed how much comes out sometimes. There is also surgery for this, but it's a last resort, IMO.


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    and it was not embarrasing for me, she is trained to do this...and actually teaches this work at some schools...I went to her since I thought I had a damaged coccyx and she worked internally, it turns out, I believe what I'm dealing with is spinal stenosis...acupuncture seems to be helping there...

    Anyway, I do the pelvic work at home now and it does feel like the kegle work when i'm doing it.

    emptying out the urinary tract is critical and keeping clean period is key...when I was sexually active many moons ago, i used white vinegar water solution douches but don't need them anymore...HAAAAAAAAAAA...
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    About UTIs, that's a ***low thyroid classic***. With pure hypothyroidism your immune system has a tendency to under respond and that makes you more prone to infections of any type. Balancing your hormones (adrenals, thyroid, sex) should be the first step to build a healthy, strong immune system. Then, there are supplements.

    First, after getting rid of an UTI with antibiotics, you could take probiotics to fix the mess left by those meds. I think that way you can avoid the vicious cycle of antibiotics.

    Antibiotics kill your infection but also some of your good bacterias (immune system) and a weakened immune system can lead to further infections which will be treated with antibiotics and you get the rest. So probiotics are a good choice after antibiotics or even better, on a daily basis for prevention.

    Second, high doses of vitamin C and D are very good for immune system health. You could start with 1000mg of vitamin C (which isn't high at all to me) and increase to bowel tolerance if you want. And vitamin D should be started at a low dose as it can cause constipation if you have a magnesium deficiency.

    Last but not least, zinc. Just be careful not to take too much and taking it with a multivitamin/mineral would be best.

    Of course, I put grape seed on top of the list for immune system health...[This Message was Edited on 09/20/2012]
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    bladder infections...MSM which is sulphur works to rid one of these infections....

    I've been taking MSM for some yrs now for pain reduction and just realized I don't get IC's and MSM is probably a huge factor for me and this type of infection. jam
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    Reading this 2012 thread, MSM is talked about since it is sulphur and probably a major reason I don't get UTI's since I've been taking larger doses of MSM for years....Vit C as well daily.
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    This caught my attention because I just finished four months of off-and-on UTI's. The first bacterium was Klebsiella and the next one was something which requires penicillin, and not a sulfa drug, to get rid of. Doc wanted me to take Ampicillin for several months at bedtime. One of the side effects is a burning in the mouth. My Sjogren's causes this too. Then, despite doubling up on probiotics, I had such diarrhea and vomiting that I had to stop the ABX. So far, so good.

    Emptying the bladder is key but I'm one with a spastic pelvis floor, especially if my bladder is overfull. I am actually drinking a little less water and peeing more often.

    I believe the ABX messed up my newly-found improved health from the amino acid solution (formerly referred to as "peptide") injections. So, Fri., I got a booster shot and am feeling soooooo much better. I just hope the ABX hasn't permanently messed me up, requiring another series of injections. I see Dr. Gomeringer on the 11th and will discuss this all with him.

    This will seem contraintuitive but putting lemon in one's water helps with IC and UTI's. I freeze quartered lemons and freeze them. I put one in my glass of cranberry juice and it's delicious.

    Love, Mikie
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    Take a supplement called D-Mannose everyday. You'll be amazed how much better you do. You can goggle it and get all the facts.
    Take care,
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    Thanks, I do have some but stopped taking it a while back.

    Love, Mikie