Uugh!!! SS Hearing Update

Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by j9miller, Jul 24, 2002.

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    Uugh!! SS hearing went BAD 07/24/02 03:17 PM

    I am so angry right now, so humiliated. I sometimes wish I never applied for disability.
    This was the 2nd part of my hearing. The first hearing back in December had to be postponed because my file was incomplete. So, I gathered my medical files from my drs in January along with the assesment of what the dr feels I am able to do. Finally got a hearing for today. Starts off bad and only gets worse. The judge asks why the files only go through January. I tell him that I personally collected them after the hearing and that SS requested updates but never got them. Then the judge introduces me to this man sitting there. He is a neurologist. Judge says that his opinion will not effect the outcome. (bull) Judge starts asking me questions. I answer them. He asks the neuro if FM patients have the pain I have. He says some but very few and that he has a hard time believing that I always have pain. This neuro guy knows very little about FM. I tell the judge that I would trade everything material I own to be the woman I was even 2 years ago. I hardly sleep, I hurt 24/7, I cannot do things like I used to. I shop, cook, clean and drive 1/2 as much as before.(if that) Some days are so bad I hardly make it out of bed. I let him know that I keep a positive attitude most days, I have this great support group and a family that is awesome. Of course I cry ... I hate it when I do that. I also told him that I was sick of giving others my better moments. My family deserves the little "up" time I have. Then the judge brought up the TMJ and my surgeries. This neuro guy said that yes TMJ is rough on the jaw but talking does not use the jaw that much. What an idiot!!!! My oral surgeon told me teaching again and public speaking were over for me. And then my back. This neuro guy said that my ruptured L4, L5 discs would not cause significant pain. I looked at him as though he flew in from Mars ... anyone who has ever had their back just go out will tell you it hurts like hell!!! I could not walk for 7 days last year when the discs went. Oh, and then the judge noticed where my rheumy mentioned my weight gain ... hate this subject. Yes, I have gained 80 plus pounds since the FM. I am hardly active anymore. I used to do aerobics 4 days a week, played basketball with the kids, ran around with the four year olds I taught plus did all the housework, swam etc ... the judge asked if I felt this played a role in my health. I said of course where my back is concerned YES!!! but with the FM .. NO!! That is the only time the neuro agreed with me. Then the judge asked if I was worried about my heart health .. I said of course. He said I must have high blood pressure and cholesterol ... I was happy to say no. My blood pressure is 120/78 and cholesterol is 113 with an HDL over 53. Felt good to throw that out at least. Anyway, when it was over the judge said he would get the decision to me in a few weeks. (Not holding my breath for approval). I stood up to leave and when I turned to shut the door the neuro was looking at me and I could not help but look him straight in the eyes and say ... You need to learn something about FM.
    Probably should of kept my mouth shut but it sickened me that someone that knew nothing of this illness could have an effect me.
    Sorry this is so long but I do feel better. If I get turned down I am hiring an attorney. I cannot do this anymore. But I know God can handle anything. Thanks for the prayers. Please keep em going. Philippians 4:13


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    Wow, what a day you had! I feel so sorry for you having to go through all that. I'd be crying too!

    But you are right, God can handle anything and he will carry you through this. In His infinite wisdom, he will work all thing out according to His will for you. You can leave it in His hands and find rest and peace in Him after your hard day.

    I'll keep praying for you!

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    i will be praying that the judge makes the right discion and grants you for disablity.
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    Almighty Lord, I praise you for sending Janine to this board and asking for Your Divine assistance. Please, Lord, take Janine's hand and aid her in her endeavors with Social Security. Show the Judge the errors of this Doctor who upset Janine and allow the Judge to see that she is in need of this assistance. Please give Janine Your grace and strength to battle this nemesis. In Your Holy Name I pray. Amen
  5. j9miller

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    What a mighty God we serve!!! All of you have made me so much better. Thank you for your support and awesome abiding faith.

    Numbers 6:24 "The Lord bless you and keep you"

  6. FAITH

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    I'm so sorry that you had to deal with that. Every morning put on the full armor of God. (Ephesians6:10-18) Our God is a warrior, the LORD is His name. Remember that! Ask Him to fight these battles for you. That doesn't mean that we don't do our part, but if He is FOR you, who can be AGAINST you? Have you checked out the info about an attorney who specializes in these diseases? I think I saw something on this site. Help anyone? Try your church. Maybe there's an attorney there that will help. You know, you may just be the catalyst that changes that neurologist's thinking! Who knows! Deecrossett said a beautiful prayer for you. You'll be in my prayers...