v chemically sensitive..suffer from dry rosacea..skincare recs?

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    I am having a really hard time...
    I am very sensitive to chemicals and some natural stuff too it seems...
    I have rosacea...my face is super sensitive and dry...so easily irritated by weather, products, the environment. I can't leave skincare off cos my skin gets so raw. I am irritated on my face by everything I try seemingly...but worse,cleansers and moisturisers/ makeup (for sun protection as I am also super fair) make me feel very ill...
    I am very depressed about this and would love recommendations for skincare products/ makeup for my face that won't irritate the rosacea and will calm it down without causing illness (sore throat, nausea, headaches, shaking etc)? I tried an organic moisturiser (Dr Hauschka Rose Cream) which is all natural and scented with essential oils only...it made me feel so sick...and I could taste it on my throat...
    Thanks so much...I would also really welcome recommendations on how to make myself a bit less chemically sensitive? Thanks so much, Shelbo

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    I did use coconut cream on my rosacea, and it helped a lot!

    Also aloe vera gel, which is very inexpensive.

    I found that I am best off if I only use non-colored washcloths (white only) and only warm water; all cleansers and soaps make it worse.

    Hope you can try these and they help!

  3. Susan07

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    I am very allergic and sensitive to so many things.

    All skin and cleaning products I use are perfume free. I use Cetaphil to cleanse my face and Lubriderm to moisturize when really dry. I use Netrogena when skin is not too dry.

    I never use make up just powder for sensitive skin (because of my eye glasses), and shadow for sensitive skin.

    Hope this helps. None of these have bothered my rosacea. If I go somewhere special I will use L'Oreals bare minerals powder which does help cover it.

    Take care
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    I had very similar issues with my skin - severe sensitivities.

    I use a lot of California Baby products - they work for me. They offer many no fragrance options too. Lots of people like the calendula cream - but it does have a scent - but it is very healing for skin conditions...it may be in their non scented products too - you may have to ask...

    They are also all gluten free - this is good for me because I have Celiac disease. They avoid all chemicals and synthetics...they have a site online that tells about their products.

    They don't offer makeup however - just shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, bug spray, sunscreens etc. Love'em all.

    God Bless,

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