Vacation YAY!!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Lumare41, Aug 15, 2003.

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    Hi Everyone!Been kinda busy and haven't been on as much.My small town was not affected by the power outage but the next town over is still waiting for there's to come back.I hope you all have yours.We are are leaving tommorrow to go camping.We are going to R.I. and can't wait to be on the beach and see the ocean.We have a pop up camper and I got my child tax rebate thursday.Just in time.The first thing I did was went out and bought the thickest eggcrate mattress I could find.I have been on the Kadian for a week now and I feel like I haven't felt in years!!My 15 yr old said to me the other morning Gee mom your feeling much better aren't you?You aren't a major crab in the morning lately!Boy talk about an eye opener!LOL Well I have to finish packing for my hubby and twins and convince my 13 yr old daughter she doesn't need both suitcases for a week!Have a safe and Healthy week,your all in my Prayers.
    Love Lumare
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    Have a great time in RI! I used to live there - in Warwick! I miss the ocean so much - we used to go down to Newport to go swimming and also to Narragansett. Where will you be staying? We just got back from the mountains in Virginia and it was beautiful! It's great to be able to get away. I still had pains, but it was worth it! Have a GREAT time!!!!

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    We are goin to Burling game State Park.My favorite place is Watch Hill.I have pics of me when I was little on the carousel and my older kids on the carousel.It is time to take pics of my twins on the carousel.I love the little shops.My husband likes the pond where you can walk out real far.My older kids are looking forward to the water slide and I might just take a ride!But most I am looking forward to is the beach and ocean air.My husband can't wait to teach our twins to body surf.We checked the weather and it is sunshine all week high in the 70's Yahoo!!!West Virginia is my favorite place in the world,and next year will we be going there.Take care and I'll let you know when we are back.
    Love Lumare