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    Ok - this is too weird for me. We all know that travelling causes much stress and wear on the body, but I just got back from a 5 day trip to Santa Fe and I feel better then ever...and I lost weight too. I can't figure it out - was it being totally stress-free (we never turned on the TV, radio, or read the newspaper) or was it the climate of Santa Fe - dry, or is it the Humira that I have been on for two months. Regardless I feel great!

    Any ideas? I am not looking a gift horse in the mouth but I am thinking I may have to move to the desert....
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    bump for answers
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    Stormskye - I guess I am like you because this is the only time I came back feeling better then ever. I still feel great today and I am not happy about returning to work tomorrow - but I don't dread it - could be my boss won't be there! I think it was a combo of no stress, no media interference, & pampering. I wonder if my doc will give me a prescription for 1 week a month to go to Santa Fe for treatment.

    Hi Mary Mary - I was just going to check in with are YOU feeling? I hope both you and your daughter are doing better!

    I agree it was Santa Fe...I literally lost 9+ lbs while I was there. No pain...slept great...I can't wait to share this with my Doc this week. I see all three - ENT on Thursday and the Neuro Doc and my Rhuemy on Friday.

    Unfortunately, my friend was sick all week - not sure if it was altitude sickness, pollen/allergic reactions, or just plain sick. She was so miserable the whole time but was a trooper and did things anyway. If the roles were reversed I would have been out for the week. Anyway, I will keep you posted and please let me know how you are doing!
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    Prickles - me too! Back to work today and still high energy and no pain!

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