vaccination with dendritic cells

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    i'd like to know, if somebody has tried this or could tell me his opinion about this therapy...
    Has anybody heard about people have tried it?

    Vaccination with dendritic cells seems to be a successful therapy against hep C and cancer.
    My doc Robert Gorter who came here to Cologne/Germany from San Francisco (and has opened a clinic for HIV, cancer, CFS...) wants to try this to boost my IS.
    I never heard about this here on this board as a therapy for CFIDS.
    I'd also like to here about people who improved with a fever therapy, because he also offers this to CFS Patients.

    Thanks for any advice. :)

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    no advice at all?

    ..nobody has heard about such therapies? =(
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    i guess, if nobody ever heard about it or thinks it could be worth a try, i shouldn't go for it =/
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    Hope you get some answers; I've never heard of it.

    Why did your dr. come there from S.F.?

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    hi findmind,

    fever therapy is also called "hypothermia"..
    i thought maybe somebody has heard about it or the therapy with dendritic cells at least as therapy against cancer, hep C or similar issues..

    the dr. told me, he is born in the netherlands and worked a long time at the university of california...some years as medical director of AIDS/HIV epidemilogy...
    don't know exactly why he moved back to europe...seems, he travelled a lot around the world.
    maybe he wants to be near his home in the netherlands now ;)
    he says, he learned a lot about viruses and cfids as a infectional desease during his time in S.F.
    he is the only doc here in cologne who doesn't think cfs is a psychological i am thankful to see him

    but i already said, i wonder why his therapies are so unknown....even in the U.S. where he is coming from ;-/

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    Sounds like an interesting doctor; you know, some claim that CFIDS is the mirror image of HIV/AIDS, so his experience may be very valuable. I think I would listen to him a bit.

    I get hypothermia, sometimes severely. I wonder if it is my own body protecting me in some way? I almost go into a coma with it. I have to get flat immediately, and under many covers, or I really think I would die.

    How is this induced by the doctor?

    I think if you search PubMed for "dendritic immunotherapy" you would find some answers. Whether or not they apply to CFIDS/CFS/ME, is anyone's guess, I suppose.

    This will go to the top of posts now; maybe someone else will have answers for you....hopefully...

    Best to you,
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    hi i was interested so looked up on google and found this on phoenix's website

    Dendritic cells (DC’s) are the main antigen presenting cells (APC’s) in the body. APC’s present evidence of infection to T and B cells. Not only do they help activate T and B cells they also help determine the direction (Th1 vs. Th2) of the immune response. They do this by altering the makeup of the surface molecules (CD markers) they display and cytokines they produce. IL-12 production by DC cells, for instance, drives T-cells to produce the Th1 oriented cytokines (IFN-y, IL-2) that are most effective in battling intracellular invaders.

    i also found this clinic that talks about treating with dendritic cells in ME scan down to page 7

    its very interesting and sounds great in theory i would check it out further with your dr.
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    you are right..maybe our condition is similar..
    he should know best ways to optimize the immune system

    i never got hypothermia by my own body during my 3 year illness...
    there are two ways to induce way i already tried with another dr..i got an injection with parts of special bacteria ( no living ones) was very hard..i really felt near death..
    41°C for 2 hours...after it felt very bad for some i feel nearly like before
    but maybe i have to repeat it to feel some benefit

    the other way to induce it is by special heaters which are heating up the blood.


    thanks for looking this up..
    yeah..dendritic ceels seem to be very important..but i dont understand if some more of them could do a big difference..i already tried Valcyte for 8 months and didnt improve at all.. :-/
    would be important that they induce the right direction of immune response maybe...
    however i'm not sure if and how you can tell the cells to choose the right one

    your second link...on page 7 i only see they use the treatment for cancer

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