vaginal bleeding

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by clerty, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. clerty

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    Sorry about this I was a bit worried about this 2 days ago I was bleeding slightly and it was not my period I have never had this happen to me before has anyone else had this happen to them coud it be stress!!!
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    Fibro can make your periods heavier and last a day or two longer, however.

    This happened to me and the problem was that I was too zealous in my cleaning efforts. I was literally cutting and tearing my vagina by scrubbing it clean. You might have the beginning stages of Vulvadynia. Fibro makes our special parts even more sensitive. You can do a search engine on this site for information.
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    I have also had this problem on and off for ummm about 1yr (pretty much since ive had CFS)

    I am on the pill and the doc changed my pill.. this worked for a while.. but no longer

    ive also had many tests for STDS and a laperoscopy..(thought i had endometriosis)

    still no help.

    I also has painful sex therefore no sex life anymore..

    im now going for a biopsy.. but not too hopeful that they will cure..

    does anyone have any ideas of things i can do??


    p.s sorry if spelling is bad.. very tired today