Vaginal pain/ Please Help!!!

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    Hi, I quess this guesthis question should be directed to the ladies. However, if any guy's have someone whose experienced it, feel free to respond. I have been getting this really bad vaginal pain, now that i think about it for a few years. Never knew why, of course now, i'm know it has to be fibro related. It is sooooooooo bad sometimes, i can't even walk or move my body, just as bad as morning stiffness. Has anyone else experienced this, if so any solutions. GYN says after my yearly physical, "you're ok" with the exception of your other illnesses. "HELP" <<<<<<<GENTLE HUGS>>>>>>> Reg
    PS Hope you understood the first line " I guess this question should be directed to the ladies. My sentence got all jumbled up.[This Message was Edited on 12/29/2002]
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    There is a condition called vulvadynia which can accompany FMS and it is very painful; however, it usually produces some visible inflammation.

    Is there a doc where you live who specializes in our illnesses? If so, it might be worth a visit to try to find out if there is something you can do about this. I am so sorry that you are having this pain.

    Love, Mikie
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    If you are referring to a very sharp stabbing type pain...and sometimes a heavy aching pain...Yes...I have experienced this on and off my whole comes and goes and I have not noticed any pattern...just comes on out of the blue and usually does not last too long..

    Hope this helps

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    Vaginal pain is covered extensively in "The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook" by Clair Davies. If there's no other obvious problem, it could be muscular. If you're not familiar with trigger points, they're little knots that get in your muscles that restrict blood and lymph flow and entrap nerves, causing pain. You can rub them out yourself and it doesn't take that long - usually a matter of days. I would be more specific, but haven't had this problem although I've seen many women post about it. There are several muscles that could be causing you pain and he shows specific diagrams about where to massage and how to do it. I got rid of an enormous amount of pain by following this book. It's only $18 delivered through amazon. Good luck to you. Jo Ellen
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    Like what kind of pain,...surface,inside,stabbing,pressure?? I have FM and I get vaginal pain/pelvic pain at times.When I do its a dull throbbing ache,and it feels heavy or something??(weird huh?)like I could give birth!!LOL (only I don't-thank god!)
    I also have endometriosis so I figured it was that fun disease causing this pain.Maybe not-from what I hear it could be from FM too. Sorry I'm no help,but it might help just to know my cooly hurts sometimes too~ Too many things on me hurt!!This suxs bad!!I'm too young to feel this old!!!Hope your feeling better~
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    There are two newsletters that are put out that deal with this. There are very few experts but the newsletters help with understanding your options.

    Ice (as in putting an ice bag in a pillow case) can be helpful. And place this between your legs. You can wrap the pillow case around the ice bag as needed. This is often helpful for a burning, stinging, or swelling situation.

    The other is a using warm wash clothes. There is a product ( and darn if I cannot remember the name...I think it starts with a D). It has a vinegar smell too it. Warm water is fine too. You just apply this to the outer area.
    I usually sit on three thick towels and heat up some water in a bowl and watch TV while doing this in the privacy of my bedroom.

    Some have trouble due to thinning of the lining of the vaginal tissues.

    You could be suffering from chronic yeast. I don't know. I know have a chronic yeast problem but almost no typical signs of it.

    There is a certain diet recommended for those with this condition. Some find urination horribly painful. For anyone who has had a baby, you'll remember the bottle they give us to use when we urinate. That helps if there is trouble with stinging.

    Those who have this very seriously often use a kind of biofeedback technique. This requires one to vaginally insert a tube in the vagina which reads how you contract your muscles 24 hours a day. This is done because when we have pain in an area we tend to contract. That leads to lesser blood flow and therefore more pain. The inserted tube is not painful at all.

    Another thing. Silly but avoid wearing pants or panties as much as possible. I now have dozens of long dresses. I do not work outside the home and only use underwear then, always cotton and I always use a thin pad. Some women also use cotton absorbant, special made pads for when periods come and I have info on that too.

    If you want more, please e-mail me at Just let me know you are from the fms board

    Take care,

    Lynda B.
  7. Misdiagnosed

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    If it's any consolation I get muscle spasms in my rectum that are unbelieve. They end up creating pressure throughout my body and increasing FM symptoms.

    Difficulty defecating and passing wind - it's a nightmare.
    Dr. gave me Ventolin and I use that sparingly when I'm having a really bad time.

    Sounds like pelvic muscles are spasming for you too, just in a slightly different place.

    Good Luck
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    The entire bone aches and the ligaments that attach. I having this problem now and tempted to see my GYN again. He's a DO and at least knows something about the skeletal system and muscles.
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    Haven't heard from you for a while. Good to see you back.

    Love, Mikie
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    The kinda pain..... let's see it's like very intense it comes on very very strong, you don't know when it's coming. After it comes, it prolonged aching for a while or least until i take breakthru to calm it down a little. That's about as best as i can descibe it. Thanks Reg