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    Has any research been done on vagus nerve connection to FM?
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    I had just finished reading a book my doctor loaned to me titled Fibro-myalgia, a comprehensive approach, by Myriam Ehrlich Williamson. It tells of the vagus nerve stimulator for depression and seizures. I wondered if it works?
    I have severe depression...periodically...used to be known as manic depressive, now I think called bi-polar. When I read Williamson's book I realized that all of my symptoms fit together into the FM syndrome. But I looked for one common denominator besides poor sleep pattern, altho I will check into the HGH connection, I thought I was feeling better generally when taking the growth hormone. I cut back on that due to finances, but perhaps I can't afford to do without it. According to this book FM prevents or results in, growth hormone production, due to lack of the delta deep sleep phase during which our bodies produce the Human Growth Hormone. Of couse as we age the production decreases anyway. Has anyone on this board tried HGH?
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    Just saw your posting regarding HGH...Have you read Dr. Cheney's long report on CFS...Well, in the latter part of his treatment for such, he uses HGH..He says that the reason older people are less hapt to recover from CFS is due to the lack of Human Growth Hormone, and thus, usually younger people will is the KEY to recovery...

    But he has much treatment that comes before that..There is a risk of causing cancer cell or viral cells to proliferate, so one really needs to get rid of the viral problems, first, and be checked for various cancers, before proceeding..Stage4 of Sleep is when one produces the HGH, and during exercise...

    So, it sounds as though, you think, you may have been misdiagnosed with the Bipolar..I am very interested as I am a master's level Psychologist..and I have a relative who has been diagnosed with Bipolar, and I wonder about the diagnosis..Did insomnia stick out as the most significant problem, besides depression? (of course, you can have depression with FM) He has a lot of insomnia problems...

    Hope this helps a little,
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    Years ago I diagnosed myself about manic depressive problems, as docs then...if patient was a woman...
    'it's all in your mind, honey, get married, have a baby and you'll be fine.' Well, it doesn't work that way. I overcame it simply by realizing when my 'up' periods came and utilizing them to the fullest, and when the 'down' periods came I'd relax and just get by. Now that I'm older (73) it's mostly down periods. My doc says 'old age.' But I don't think it's entirely that. When my mother was my age she was still working full time in a bank. But I can barely drag myself out of bed each day. I started the COQ10 again just yesterday, and feel worse hypoglycemia is acting up, and most docs center in on diabetes, it's easier to treat with pills...or injections. Also, I have a problem with eating, and no appetite.