Vagus Nerve Imbalance/ Hiatal Hernia Syndrome = Fibro?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Svette_Palme, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. Svette_Palme

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    Hiatus Hernia anyone?

    I just read about a condition known as "Vagus Nerve Imbalance/ Hiatal Hernia Syndrome". Of course, mainstream medicine generally ignores this idea, although they do sometimes perform surgery on big hiatus hernias. It is just a few "rogue researchers" who claim that it is much of a problem. I think we all have to find these things out for ourselves, somehow.

    Here is some of what I found out:

    A hiatus hernia is where a bit of the stomach comes up above the diaphragm and creates a "bulb" there.

    The slightest upward displacement of the stomach through the diaphragm disorders the Vagus Nerve; the amount of stomach protrusion is often irrelevant; any such protrusion causes major hyperexcitability of the Vagus Nerve.

    Since the Vagus Nerve connects to many organs, problems can be many and varied. Pressure on the Vagus Nerve can cause "systemic imbalance" of our neurological systems, and therefore some researchers say that it could be the cause of Fibromyalgia.

    Treatment for this is just basically "to pull the stomach down", and then keep it down. There is also a possible surgery, but it does not seem to produce good results and can make things worse.

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    I was told that I had a hiatus hernia, but that was many years ago, and nothing was ever said or done about it since. I intend to get an x-ray to find out what it looks like now.

    I am wondering if any or all of us fine gentlemen here have Hiatus Hernias. Please reply!!
  2. KerryK

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    I had very severe reflux disease. In fact, the worst my nearly retired internal specialist had seen. However, upon operating to do the Nissen Fundoplication and hiatus hernia repair 21 years later, the hiatus hernia was found to be very small. Keep in mind, my reflux disease showed up very severely at age 13. So, it is unlikely the reflux was caused by the hiatus hernia. It appears now that reflux disease may be a neurological or autoimmune disorder. It was the beginning of my downward spiral into FMS and I consider it to be my first objective indication of the disease.
  3. quanked

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    a hiatal hernia. It was discovered in 1986--I was 36. It had an ulcer on it. In the early 90's a massage therapist I was seeing said that she knew of an adjustment that could pull the stomach back into position. She said that it could be painful but only briefly. I was not brave enough to let her do it.

    In the late 90's a doctor wanted me to have a surgery to fix this. However, when he told me that I would never be able to vomit again I declined the surgery. I hate puking but the idea of the need to regurgitate come over me and not being able to sounded like a kind of hell. I cannot imagine not being able to evacuate the contents of my stomach when the urge to do so can be so strong.

    I am not sure how the hernia and reflux interact. Food and liquids (no matter the amount) often seem to try to move back up my throat--especially when bending over or laying down.

    I am female.

    I have been diagnosed with both CFIDS and FM.
  4. Svette_Palme

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    First off, I only said "fine gentlemen here" because I thought I was posting this at "Men With Fibro". Stupid brain fog, sorry.

    Anyway, thanks for the replies.

    Kerry K - one thing I came across in my reading was that "it doesn't matter how small the Hiatus Hernia is, only that it might be pressing on the Vagus Nerve" - so don't dismiss it on that basis, I guess.

    Also, KK is my real initials - maybe thats what causes Fibro... [joke].

    and quanked - there are other ways to remedy a HH [hiatus hernia] other than surgery. Apparently some Chiropractors can do it. It involves "pulling the stomach down". BTW, I would have made the same choices you did in avoiding those surgeries.

    One simple easy suggestion was to put your arms up and then jump so that when you land the stomach pulls down. That can sometimes pull the hernia below the diaphragm too. Of course, it can easily reverse itself with such a simple treatment, but if it helps temporarily that is good anyway.

  5. AuntTammie

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