Vagus Nerve Imbalance/ Hiatal Hernia Syndrome = Fibro?

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    I was sure I posted this allready, but Fibro Fog has hit home I guess... sorry if it is a repeat.

    I just read about a condition known as "Vagus Nerve Imbalance/ Hiatal Hernia Syndrome". Of course, mainstream medicine generally ignores this idea, although they do sometimes perform surgery on big hiatus hernias. It is just a few "rogue researchers" who claim that it is much of a problem. I think we all have to find these things out for ourselves, somehow.

    Here is some of what I found out:

    A hiatus hernia is where a bit of the stomach comes up above the diaphragm and creates a "bulb" there.

    The slightest upward displacement of the stomach through the diaphragm disorders the Vagus Nerve; the amount of stomach protrusion is often irrelevant; any such protrusion causes major hyperexcitability of the Vagus Nerve.

    Since the Vagus Nerve connects to many organs, problems can be many and varied. Some researchers say that it could be the cause of Fibro!! Even MCS could be either caused or made worse with Hiatus Hernia.

    Treatment for this is just basically "to pull the stomach down".

    Link to article>
    Other links>

    I was told that I had a hiatus hernia, but that was many years ago, and nothing was ever said or done about it since. I intend to get an x-ray to find out what it looks like now.
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