Valcyte and Heart Problems (empty2void)

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    I finally got around to reading through your comprehensive post about your experiences. (I first saw it on a "non-reading day" and then lost it.)

    Your story is really interesting. I think that anyone interested in using Valcyte (and certainly anyone planning to use Valcyte or other AV's) should read it.

    I'm especially impressed at how bad your heart symptoms were before you started the drug and how quickly they went away afterwards. This is extremely important for anyone with heart symptoms to know about, I think.

    I've read before that you went from something like 10% to 50% functioning in the first five months or so. (Undoubtedly I have this wrong, but anyway from very severe to moderate CFS limitations.)

    This is a bit misleading though. The fact that the heart problems improved so much isn't reflected on those percentages, even though I think it's obviously key in your case.

    For those interested in reading empty2void's post, it is on page 5 of PGWS's thread:

    I am on ValcyteMy situation/symptoms

    It's an impressive story. Thank you for sharing it, e-2-v.

    Best, Lisa

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