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    today i was reading stuff on the net, and i read that if you have viruses it can give you brain fog, and there was a study that says if you use valcyte, it helps with the brain fog for hhv6,

    well i have a lot of valcyte in my cabinet,

    so i decided to take one i took one this afternoon i notice a little relief, earlier tonite i took another one, and as im typing this, my brain fog is lifting,

    my vision is clearing, before i go to bed, even
    thou its after 2am, i will be taking another one.
    i will bring this to the dr's attention...sometime at the end of march, i will

    see him, because i have to pay taxes, and i have to have it all paid up before the 15th of april.
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  2. ladybugmandy

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    its great that valcyte is helping you! it didnt help me but helped some people a lot. some even seemed to recover.

    you have to get regular blood tests when you are on the drug. it can be dangerous! you shouldn't keep taking as many a day as you want!

  3. sascha

    sascha Member

    sue is right- don't just solo it with the valcyte. when i was on it, i had to have liver function tests, and regular blood checks. some people can't tolerate valcyte very well. others don't get any side-effects, but you should be monitored no matter what.

    i DID lose brain fog while on valcyte, and after. my brain works pretty much the way it used to, now, except during cfids crashes, which do occur.

    i'm still on anti-viral (Acyclovir), and probably will be indefinitely. i get tested for presence of certain viruses twice a year. good luck- be sure you are followed while on the valcyte- best, Sascha

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