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    can't reply to posts for some reason. so i just wanted to put this out there about milk thistle being good for liver detox/support...
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    just got this from a previous post:

    "The local CFS Doctor that is working with me and Stanford, is making sure I am taking Urosidiol, grapeseed extract, and milk thistle to keep my liver function up. He also had me take Vitamin C high dose 3 times a day, charcoal tablets (4 tablets 3 times a day), and papaya digestive enzyme (3 times a day) - all of these to reduce the toxicity of the viral die-off which he explained (and I beleive) is part of the difficulty one goes thru when taking antivirals. I also stayed very quiet - lying down most of the time to give my body a chance to fight the virus. Oh - the antivirals can really mess up your digestion - I took mineral oil and fiber to help keep things moving - Ive never had to do this so I know it was a direct result of the toxins. After a month I didnt need to do this.
    I am on a dose of 1500 a day for now and because my labs haven't come down I am staying at this level for now - at least until my next appoint. "

    not making recommendations because i really don't know...just passing on info.
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    thanks for these great suggestions!!!
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    My dogs liver was failing and the vet did not no why but we started her on forced feeding, antibiotics, enzumes and milk thistle. This is posted on the sites for dogs with failing liver. She recovered and is doing fine but we still don't know what caused it. So yes I believe that it is.