Valcyte, "smoldering virus", Kondo results

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    I found this press release from the HHV6 Foundation talking about results presented at the conference:,442912.shtml

    The title is, "A Protein from a Common Smoldering Virus Linked to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Depression."
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    It seems this research is somewhat similar to Georgetown U.'s Baraniuk who found unusual proteins in the spinal fluid of CFS patients. Difference is:

    1. Baraniuk hasn't traced the origins of his proteins (to a virus or otherwise).

    2. Baraniuk's proteins weren't found in patients with depression and other psychological diseases compared to Kondo's. Maybe this protein is more associated with psychological disease than with CFS?

    "A serological study indicated that 71% of CFS patients with psychological symptoms and none of the health controls possessed the antibody against the SITH-1 protein (p < .0001). Further tests indicated that 53% of depression and 76% of bipolar depression patients possessed the antibody."

    Interesting nonetheless......................

  3. Rafiki

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    for furthering the dialogue in a most interesting way.


    ETA: Many things come together for me in the research posted today. MS like illness. Reactivated EBV and HHV6. And, I have a very high total IGG.


    Thanks again,

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    thank you for posting the link. i could not locate the press release.

    i have major depression, bipolar disorder AND CFS. i wonder if i have that HHV6 protein in spades!


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