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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by emmally, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. emmally

    emmally New Member

    Hello, can anyone please share how long they were on valcyte before their HHV6 titers were in the negative range?
  2. Timaca

    Timaca New Member

    I started valcyte in August 2007. My HHV-6 IgG antibody titer was 1:640. By January it had dropped to 1:160. By April it was 1:80. Valcyte ended in May. In July my HHV-6 antibody titer was 1:640 again! I was put on acyclovir, as I'm also on doxy for Cpn. My recent HHV-6 antibody test was 1:320.

    Best, Timaca
  3. emmally

    emmally New Member

    when your hhv6 titers were in the negative range? I felt sooo good a month ago when my blood tested negative for HHV6 after months of valcyte but than unfortunatley I experienced a series of very very stressful events and now I feel icky again. I am waiting my blood results to see if my titers went back up. I hope in a way that it has becuase it would expain why I feel sick again. I wouldnt want to feel this sick and be negative for it.....

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