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  1. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    hi all. thought i would update on my progress with the valcyte and valtrex under dr. lerner.

    once again, i think stress and depression have ruined things for me. my boss, whom i was supposed to return to work for in march, just passed away of a massive stroke.

    i am now stuck at 20% improvement and again feel that i have hit a wall. my fog is still very bad and i know that is supposed to be the first thing to improve.

    without the job, i will have no way to obtain the meds, but i do have a stash of valcyte which will last me a while.

    i just pray i become well enough to find a new part time job in the middle of next year but it doesn't look good ..... i will not be able to handle a new job which will entail longer hours and more stress. the old job was familiar and my empolyer was very flexible and sensitive to my health issues.

    so i guess my sinking into depression is affecting my progress big time. i really hope that's all it is, because i really think sometimes that further progress won't come - afterall, i have been sick a very long time.

    i just cannot handle this fog. it just will not let up.

  2. SpecialK82

    SpecialK82 New Member

    Sue, I am so sorry to hear of your boss's passing. I know that (he?) had been in your corner and was making adjustments for you.

    Does that mean for sure that you wouldn't have a job there? Is there another position that could work? Since you were in the medical field, would you be able to do medical transcription? If memory serves, I have seen advertisements in the past for work-at-home transcription.

    You have had such good progress in the last few months, although up and down, it seems to be on an upward trend. My hope is that you will feel well enough in some months to handle part-time work.

    In the meantime, this type of news can be so overwhelming, please take extra good care of yourself.

    If I can come across other work-at-home ideas, I will pass them your way.

    Hugs, Kristina
  3. viralfree

    viralfree New Member

    Dear Sue,

    I'm sorry to hear of your boss' passing and your depressed mood. When i was on Valcyte it took 5 months before i felt like i could 'see' the world, or as if i was starting to come out of a coma. It was not until after i stopped the Valcyte, 4 months later, that the lens of the world started to become clearer.

    Fortunately it was not cataracts!

    My cognition has slowly improved since stopping the Valcyte and is at a steady 80%. I've been on Dr. Lerner's Valtrex protocol for 3 months (to ravage the EBV), but it takes its toll.

    Sue, you've been able to work, you will find work - based on all your posts you're a very smart woman. Our CNS is very sensitive and blips reverberate through our body...allow yourself the time to mourn and get plenty of rest.

    warm regards,
  4. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    thank you. i am starting to crawl out of the depression now and am trying to renew the fight. you guys are great.

    viral...may i ask how long you have had CFS? i forgot.

    i am VERY VERY happy to see that 80% number. ohh....i can't wait until that happens to me.

    lots of love
  5. stschn

    stschn New Member

    If anyone of us has fought the fight it's you! It is much harder for us to adjust to the curves that life sends us than I'm sure it was before we became ill but somehow we do and you will.

    I've been saying all along that I've gotten cognitive recovery not complete but enough to be really thankfull for. All this time I've said I've gotten no physical improvement. But I think the light is starting to dawn. With so many ups and downs over the last 21 years I don't think I will ever be able to say half cured or well as others have. BUT I am feeling better and I can tell it when I wake up in the morning it's just a whole different feeling. Dr. Montoya said that it would be a slow improvement and it has been I've been off Valcyte and on Valtrex for 8 months now. But I really feel I've gotten improvement. Hang in there honey it's been 21 years for me and finally I believe I am healing.
  6. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    Hi Sue,

    I'm sorry to hear your boss passed away. That's sad. I'm also sorry to hear you're not feeling better. I know how hard you keep trying. I haven't experienced any improvement since I've been off the Valcyte and now it's been over a year. It's good to hear that it's helped some people here. I hope better days are ahead for you.


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