Valcyte versus HHV6 specific Transfer Factor

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    I wonder which treatment would work better. Dr. Montoya found some benefits with Valcyte. Someone else did a 6 month study of HHV-6 Transfer Factor and found it effective also.

    HHV-6 Transfer Factor is cheaper ($900 for 6 months versus $13,000 for Valcyte) and safer (no major side-effects).

    The study compared 6 months of general Transfer Factor in 10 patients and HHV-6 Transfer Factor in 28 patients with CFS. There was no improvement with the general product but in those who received HHV-6 specific Transfer Factor, 68% had a noticeable improvement and 75% had a big increase in natural killer cell activity.

    NK function increased from 8 LU to 54 LU (most healthy people are 30-160 LU) in the HHV-6 Transfer Factor group. It will be interesting to see if Valcyte improves NK function in those who improve as it would confirm that HHV-6 is the cause of the low NK cell function.

    The full Transfer Factor study can be read at:
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    Where do you buy HHV-6 transfer factor please?
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    The study reads well and certainly is exciting, but...

    1. was it peer reviewed?
    2. in what medical journal is it published?
    3. when was the study done - i could not find any dates.
    4. i couldn't find any information on Biologics, the company mentioned in the paper.


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    Before trying this treatment, wouldn't one need to know whether one had active HHV6 present in one's cells? Yet I understood from very recent research studies that there is no commonly available test that shows this?? Has anyone had a test for this? If so, what were the results and what was your treatment? Did it help? Thanks! tamsyn

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