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  1. 2BPainfree

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    If the HHV-6 virus is poitive at anypoint in our History...
    even with only rare oral breakouts....

    I wonder if taking Valtrex on a regular basis or at least for awhile may do some good??

    Could this virus be causing fatigue and other symptoms of CFS as it lay in your system just waiting for an opportunity to strike?? (even when it isn't actively showing itself?)

    Has anyone heard anything one way or the other?
    If anyone has heard about valtrex and CFS I would love to hear it!

    Susan B.

  2. ladydi

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    I just read a post my "mlw" She takes Valtrex on a
    regular basis I assume.

    I think there could be a connection, but, every doctor
    I've asked says they don't think so. Also, I've been married for 22 years, my husband, nor my kids have ever
    had a herpes cold sore. I'm not even sure where or when I
    picked it up. I do know that my dad has an occation "cold
    sore" so maybe that's where I got it from when I was young.
    I don't remember having an outbreak until 7th grade.
    It was so bad, there were lesions all over, I counted 13.

    Maybe mlw will see your post and give us both some good information about it. There's times when I have a
    flare up of Herpes cold sore that I don't even know what
    brought it on. IE: stress, sickness, ect.

    Good Luck,
  3. 2BPainfree

    2BPainfree New Member

    Were on the same track!
    It only seems logical if valtrex does do it's job, it should contain or get rid of the herpes???

    I'm going to read up on the mechanisms of action of Valtrex. Maybe that will give us some insight. Thanks for posting!

    Susan B.
  4. JaciBart

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    I have genital herpes, I have valtrex, I have fibro. I take it every other day as "suppressive therapy" but I would be happy to load up on it and see what happens, does anyone know how much I should take and for how long to see what happens????

    Let me know and I will gladly try this.

  5. Betsy2

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    I take Valtrex daily (one gram) for Herpes. My rheaumie increased the dosage from 500 miligrams to 1 gram. Then she decided to try to increase it to 3 grams daily to see if it would help the CFS. Nope! I felt just as fatigued at that dosage as I did at 500 miligrams and I still have outbreaks. Thus, she took me back down to 1 gram a day.

  6. jan a.

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    the hhv6 virus is not the same virus that creates cold sores...that is I believe is hhv1...hhv6 is roseaola revisited. I was diognosed with hhv6 4 years ago...went on zovirax for 6 months and it did nothing..I am now on famvir and have been for 2 years...had suspisions it wasnt working..heck my blood tests always come back still high activity, but my dr. insists it will work. well I recently e-mailed Herpes diognostics Inc.
    ( I asked about famvir and they said zovirax and famvir are inafective against this particular virus,they suggested trying transfer factor.... valtrex is a form of zovirax (acyclivir) If you have cold sores the valtrex should work for you from what Ive read...also genital herpes but not hhv6...have you been tested for hhv6? It is a very active part of chronic fatigue syndrome and I think fms ( I have cfs) many people with these ailments are positive for hhv6...very hard to get rid of...personally waiting for new drugs to wipe it out (hopefully) hope this helps some...jan a.
  7. pamj

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    Valtrex definitely helps me with my CFS. My doctor prescribed it to help with my viral symptoms & I take 500mg 3 times a day now. I've tried to come off of it twice in the past year, and when I do, I feel like I have a terrible flu/virus. My fever goes back up & the body pain is really bad, my throat gets sore & swollen glands get worse.

    A few days after going back on it, the symptoms definitely reduced. The symptoms do worsen for the first couple of days starting it, but then they improve quickly.

    My last doctor in California first started me on it, and both of my docs in Mass also think it's a good idea.

    Also, my husband gets a cold sore every few months when he's overtired. The last 2 times he felt one starting, he took one of my Valtrex & it nipped it in the bud!

    take care,
  8. CATLADY912

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    My cold sores were on my chin, then I got them under my eye, now I just get sores in my mouth. My doctor told me this was a form of the hespes simplex, that anyone that had chicken pox as a child has the virus and it lives domant in your spine till something or your age will bring it out. It was said to also be caused by stress, menstrual things, laying out in the sun, and could also be caused by stomach upset.

    I had the chicken pox for christmas when I was 14 yrs. old.I got my first cold sore on my chin when I was 32 yrs. old. Then from that time on I would get one on my chin once and awhile, not allot of them. Then I got one under a eye in my forties. Then I got the herpes simples under a breast which they refer to as shringes. Now I just get the cold sores in my mouth on my gums. I take zovirax for that and it helps them clear out allot sooner. Stress brings them now and stomach upset. I have them more often than I ever had any of these types till now when I'm in my fifty's. So I take the Zovirax on a prevental dose of 2 a day, but since get them anyway. Somes I get a few and somes I just get allot. Very painful as we all know.The only difference in getting them in my mouth instead of my chin is that when I got them on my chin, I also got swollen glands u nder my jaw in my neck, I had allot more fatique, headache and could not hardly go at all. Now its just the sores in my mouth, which could be a reason for the fatique. Who really knows. Thereis so much written and said about fibro that we really don't know what is the real reason we get it only speculation. But for some reason I believe that the chicken pox virus is the cause. Both my children had the chicken pox and I notice how much they can sleep now and they get tired.I always said that they just had a lazy side to them and this was before fibro came into my life. Before fibro I thought that I was more depressed because of the lack of energy and that I didn't fill up to doing all my chores. Now that I know its fibro, I have been able to drop One anti-depressent pill because now I know that I was depressed then, it was having fibro. I'm also going to try to drop another one in a week or so. I was up to taking 5 EFFEXSOR XR a day. To me, that was too much. And I feel better since I have dropped the 5th pill. Now to drop the 4th pill after a few weeks. I have never taken valtrex and don't know what it is for but I'm going to look it up. Well thats my story. Hope it helps. God Bless, Janice
  9. 2BPainfree

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    Thanks for all the input and information!!
    One does have to wonder about all these meds we get put on.

    Jan...I have to admit....I didn't know HHV6 was a different strain of herpes. My Doctor just said "the blood work showed herpes in your blood stream" (this was a few years ago, I had forgotten about it until I came to this board) I have occasional oral breakouts. He wanted me to take Valtex daily as maintenance, but I couldn't see taking those horse pill's unless the "herpes" were present.(hate taking all this medication) I would if I had a regular problem but I don't. The problem I do get freq is a very red, swollen,
    p-a-i-n-f-u-l- vag-iner*laugh** (ok, so were a bit graphic..)

    They always want to culture my poor little red you-know-what thinking it's genital herpes but it always comes up neg. It comes on with no rhyme or reason...

    AFTER learning so much from this board I'm ready to investigate. I wish I had a list of ALL the labs that should be done at one time, of things that we may be positive for. I am looking for that info also...I know it's here somewhere!!I am headed off to the ---.HHV6.--- "place" to see what I can learn. I will post more if I find anything interesting related to the Valtrex.

    Thanks everyone,
    Have a wonderful Day.

    Susan B.

    Talk to ya'll later!

    Susan B.

  10. 2BPainfree

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    What are crimson cresants??????????

    I've NEVER heard of this before!
    My oldest son is always tired also. I'm so worried he will end up with what I have.

    Susan B.