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    Well, after talking with Dr. J last month in Ohio I have slowly been adding my supps/RX to my regiman. So far so good. I hate taking new meds. Gives me panic attacks every time.

    Anyway.. I finally filled the valtrex, mainly because so many of you had + results. (Now all I have is an antibiotic and diflucan.) The valtrex is for 1gram 3x a day.

    -Is anyone else taking this much? Those things are huge.
    -Does anyone know if they can be split? They cost $200 a week? (My copay was $20.)
    -Did you feel worse at first?
    -anything else I should know?

    I won't start until DH is home on the weekend. I only had a week filled, but I have script for 3mos.

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    Suggest you leave a Post for "Fight4acure" as she is
    newly taking Valtrex with some good results. She is on
    the Board everyday and may even see your Post and I'm
    sure would reply to you.

    Spoke with my own Doc yesterday about anti-virals and
    he will be making a decision after some personal pro-
    fessional consultantions. I have CF and fear it is
    moving into FM with increased pain etc. (??)

    Have a good day,
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