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  1. cbella

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    Hi there everybody!
    I've been on Valtrex for 2 weeks now and I'm not sure I'm getting the results I was hoping for. After being on it for the first week, I actually started taking less pain meds and last Saturday, I actually felt good enough to go on my tredmill for 17 minutes! I was really excited about the improvement and was telling all my family. Now another week into the therapy and I have as much pain as I did before I started. Granted, I may have made it worse with stress. My husband had gallbladder surgery yesterday and I was so worried for his outcome since I'm a nurse that works with outpatient surgery and knowing too much is harmful sometimes! He's fine and resting here at home, and I feel like I'm "taking it easy" but I'm a little discouraged about the pain level. Any encouraging words about Valtrex? :) Cbella
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    i'm on zoviraz (acyclovir), a very close relative of valtrex, and think i might drop the med from my arsenal. i'm uninsured and it's expensive ($125 a month) and it's very hard to tell whether it's having an effect. do you take it for epstein barr? i suppose the only way to know if it's helping is to get retested after a couple months to see if your titers come down.

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    because a doc that I found in Florida says it will relieve all the fm/cfs symptoms because my titers are high. The CMV and another one(can't think right now). My Epstein Barr wasn't that high. I've now taken it for three weeks and I'm afraid I don't feel any different. Has any one else had good results? I met someone that had good results and that is why I reseached and found this doc. I keep taking it and hoping it will kick in soon. My family doctor in my hometown said if this doesn't work he will put me on cymbalta.. any comments on this? cbella
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    It's my understanding that taking anti-virals and getting positive results from them is a very long process.
    It's not a sure thing .... may or may not help. Valtrex dose for me was 1gram 3xd. I wasn't fortunate enough to get positive results from it. I was taking it because of high EBV numbers.

    Actually, if anti viral treatment is working for you,
    you should feel worse before you start to feel better. That is attributed to the "die off" of the pathogens.

    I felt nothing one way or the other with valtrex or famvir. ( Although there are some here that were helped greatly with famvir.)

    I feel transfer factor has a higher success rate combating viruses.

    Feeling better the first week on valtrex maybe due to something else. ....

    I would hang in there for a while before stopping treatment. Given enough time, it maybe a silver bullet for you.

    Take care and keep positive. If valtrex doesn't end up being the "one" for you, there are others to try and then there are the natural immune system supplements.....


  5. cbella

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    Thank you for your words of encouragement. I have to say, I don't think I had that "feeling worse" that many talk about... I feel just about the same as always..:( But I'll keep taking it at least for the 1st 6 weeks -3xday. I'm suppose to call the Fl doc after the 6 weeks. I work 40-45 hrs a week and it is so trying lately. My energy is so zapped by the afternoon, if I don't keep up with taking my ultram. ........thanks again for the good words....cbella
  6. Mikie

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    I just pulsed them for two days for my usual six-week pulse on them. I am in the middle of the immune response with swollen lymph nodes, sweating, headache and fatigue. I should have a full Herx here any time. Then, I will begin to feel better.

    When I was on the Famvir, I went into a temporary complete remission for a while. On the Famvir, I did Herx and then feel better and the cycle repeated itself over and over. The AV's are expensive.

    The TF's are expensive too, but one can often take them for three months and then pulse them. Actually, the AV's should be pulsed eventually as they are more effective that way.

    If an ISAC panel is done and shows hypercoagulation, one can take Heparin to get rid of the fibrin overgrowth in the blood. Anyone interested in this can learn more at the HEMEX Lab Website. Removing the fibrin will dump pathogens into the bloodstream where the AV's can kill them off. Just the Heparin by itself will cause immune responses and Herxing. The fibrin provides areas where pathogens can hide out from the immune system.

    If one has a bacterial infection, such as Lyme or mycoplasma, just taking the AV's will not enable one to heal. The bacterial infections must also be addressed. Same for any fungal infections.

    Good luck to all who are trying to rid their bodies of these nasty infections we seem to be prone to.

    Love, Mikie

  7. elsa

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    Good to hear from you. I owe a lot to your knowledge of transfer factors. For me, the AV's just couldn't cut it.
    Started with whey and colostrum and then kept the whey and add TF. (I still take a small amt. of colostrum as it's part of an overall supplement I take.)

    I read that you've lost weight and doing your aerobic exercises. Sounds like you are doing well ... except for the impending herx LOL.

    Take care,


  8. Mikie

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    I was answering this last night when the power cut out for a bit. I just shut down the computer and went to watch TV.

    I thank you for your kind words. I really knew nothing of these treatments until I researched them and started treatment myself. Relatively speaking, there are so few on comprehensive treatments to rid the body of pathogens that it's all trial and error. There are some commonalities, though, and we can learn from our individual experiences.

    I think if someone has a high viral load, it can be helpful to take an AV to get that down before transitioning to the TF's, but some just don't seem to get the results with the AV's. I agree that the TF's appear to be more effective, especially in the long run. AV's kill viruses and/or drive them back into latency. TF's train the immune system to recognize and kill the viruses.

    The immune response from the TF's can be quite severe. It was a month before I was able to even take a full capsule of each of the TF's I take. The newer AV's are expensive, as are the TF's, but one may be able to take the TF's for three months and then pulse them. Pulsing the AV's after an initial period also seems to be more effective. If someone also has a bacterial and/or fungal infection, the AV's may be killing off viruses but the patient can feel lousy. All infections have to be addressed.

    Sujay was the one who helped so much with the Brewer protocol which utilizes Heparin for the hypercoagulation. I believe if one has the overgrowth of fibrin, the Heparin can really help the AV's or TF's. It gets rid of areas where the pathogens can hide. Sujay is now using the Marshall Protocol and I believe she spends her time at that website. I have chosen not to puruse the MP.

    Yes, I've lost 14 pounds and have now plateaued, as I always do at this point. Now, the weight loss becomes slower and more difficult. My BP has dropped dramatically but my heart rate has decreased only slightly. Still, it has dropped. I can do no aerobics right now as I navigate the TF pulse and await the Herx. Wish it would come and I could get it over with.

    Hope you get some results and feel well.

    Love, Mikie

  9. Spinworks

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    Did you also do the food allergy testing? They now have a new test = called Sage test that is covered by insurance = but cost $1,800! It can test your blood for 132 antigens. His site states that the anti-viral might not help unless you remove the offending foods from you diet. Maybe you could try eating nothing for a couple of days, and the introduce 1 food at a time every few days and see if you react to any food. Lots cheaper this way!

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  11. Spinworks

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    Hello fight4acure. Are you the same as cbella? Many of the posts above are from 2005 & I'm trying to get a reply from cbella who it appears quit posting in July 2006.

  12. cbella

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    Hi! just read your note for the first time! I didn't know that that blood work is covered by insurance. Maybe I'll give him a call after I get home from a trip I'm on. Thank you very much for writing about it. What other antivirals does he use? cbella
  13. ANNXYZ

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    but usually requires high doses , and results can take four months .

    Valtrex helped me become more functional, as I was alomost an invalid before taking it . ( I now find I have lyme disease like many others here ).

    I was prescribed Valtrex for EBV after taking an article to my doc about Dr Martin Lerner , an infectious disease doc in Detroit , who also had CFIDS and treats CFIDS patients .

    On another note , you might want to explore these :
    spirulina algae - blocks viral replication
    turmeric - an antiviral and cheap herb with MANY other great properties being studied also as a proven anti tumor ( cancer ) agent
    transfer factor ( and Dr Joe Brewer )

    Personally , I think the best thing a person here can do is get an IGENEX labs lyme test . If two or more bands are positive , then lyme is a highly likely cause of
    their illness. Lyme suppresses the immune system and most lyme patients have high titers for CMV and EBV and
    chlamydia PN or mycoplasma.

    If the lyme is not treated , then these other infections
    are a likely possibility .

    Most tests that are usually administered for lyme are UNRELIABLE .

    Also , valtrex is not useful for CMV. There is a new drug VALCYTE , that is , but is VERY expensive. I have read that some folks are having great results with it .

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    Glad you are doing better. how much do you take?
    thank you
  15. lea

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