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    Been sick 15 years. Started on 1000 mg 4x/day 1month ago. Terrible crash -can do almost nothing, Lost my appetite and 12 lbs. Don't know about titres yet or if it's is helping. Dr Lerner told me to expect this but it is really bad. Mary Pat
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    I know *exactly* how you feel-- I'm also a patient of Lerner's. I assume you take Valtrex for EBV. When I started Valtrex my crash was 2 weeks into it and lasted about a week only.

    But now that I take Valcyte for HHV-6, I crashed BIG time, just 1 week into it (and now it's been weeks). I went into his office and basically told him I felt like I was dying. Everyone (including him) says it's a good sign, but it doesn't make the physical part easier. I think my crash is slowly getting better, and everyone tells me it does get better. I've lost weight, appetite, have a sore throat, total depletion. Believe me, I get it. Hang in there!
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    i went through misery on my 5+ months of valcyte. it DID bring my titer counts way down, and i experienced changes for the better- no question about that. the last several weeks on valcyte my innards rebelled and i had wicked IBS symptoms.

    the treatment is finite: you know it will come to an end. for me, i had to go for it and see if it could help. it did help and i'm glad i went through it. it will be a year post-valcyte in June, and i hope to start working on regaining strength at that time. my cognition is much better; i now benefit from sleep and rest as (this was not the case for a long, long time); and i can enjoy food again.

    basically >HANG IN THERE!! and very best of luck to you. Sascha