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    This is the latest, heard about it on my radio this morning and then my GF sent the link. I have not done a mamm in over 25 yrs and neither has my friend.
    The New York Times
    15 hours ago - Nearly 75 percent of American women 40 and over say they had a mammogram in the past year. Damian Dovarganes/Associated Press.

    Hope you can open it, otherwise add the Post Title in your search engine....

    Here's another link on this topic, hope it will open here:
    The New York Times
    Loading... 15 hours ago - New research that questions the value of regular screening for breast cancer seems bound to produce public confusion and anger.
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    Hi Diane, thanks for the report from your counselor. For me, I have been doing my research since my early 50's and it's all led me to NO. My mom who passed at 91 never had one, her sisters and inlaws and friends neither, they didn't have them back then. My mom's doc sent her a postcard when my mom was 86 saying she should have one.....I told my mom No Way, don't do it are fine.... I think I told this story here before.

    I truly believe the Iodine is important for breast health and I don't miss a day of it.

    Yes, we all have different mindsets and some of us have been doing our work for many years....

    I just talked to a friend up the street and asked her if she saw the article, she is a new yorker anyway, and she said yes, it's in all papers today, LA Times, etc....I don't get a paper.... She's a newer friend and unlike me she is not in supplements BUT she probably has had 2 mamms also in her about 80 yrs....she said she has always warned her children about over radiation xrays and doesn't do dental xrays much either, neither do I. She said her daughter, who I think might be 50+ just went thru BC and has been getting mamms....

    So, one has to be comfortable with their decisions and I am. Hope you get there no matter what. jam
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    I guess too, the longer one lives and the more "negative" experiences one has with the medical industry, the more distrust one developes....when I think about the 10 long years when I suspected thyroid issues and the MD just didn't help me, but kept writing script for anti again, we come from our experiences. I was just getting into the alternative healing world in 1991 or thereabouts and I was in my early 50's....met my good friend Susan in 1994 and that did it, I learned so much from her and one was the mammogram thinking...and I did my research from then on. Alternative Medicine magazine was my health bible for many years.....
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    Diane, back before I got on Armour by my D.O., he called in for Armour, no labs, etc...I was going to a psych for anti depressants from the county as I could NOT afford those drugs....thru the county I got help with medicare....I'm on medicare 10 yrs already.....anyway, all she did was write scripts for AD's...when I finally got on Armour and the depression lifted in 4 days, I had an appt with her and went in with my happy story and how great I was feeling and it was thyroid all along, she was writing, taking notes, she didn't know supporting the thyroid would rid us of depression......yikes, when I think back.

    I believe you need a MD to do the thyroid work....but you never know, but I doubt the psych will do this. jam
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    Just listended to an interview with this Columbia Univ Professor on the mammogram issue:
    The New York Times
    Loading... Feb 14, 2014 - By MARIE MYUNG-OK LEE FEB. ... I HAVE never had a mammogram. ... The study found that mammograms did not reduce breast cancer ...

    Oh the link can't open, so if you want to read her comments, copy/past the link. jam
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    Good article, Jam!
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    More to CHEW on friends:

    The Breast Cancer Industry Is Deceiving Women. April 22, 2014. Print This Post.
    Are regular mammograms doing more harm than good? Let's take a look at the ...