Vanderbilt Doctor Anyone seeing somebody there?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LongStruggle, Feb 6, 2007.

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    I'm wondering if anyone is getting good CFS treatment from any doctor from Vanderbilt Medical center in Nashville, TN? If so, please give the name of the doctor? Has anyone heard of Dr. Ban Allos? Is she a recognizable CFS specialist?
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    I had horrible experiences there as a grad. student across the street at a private college they later took over when it went broke in the mid- 70's. I crashed big-time, and this was the beginning of the end. Was teetering on the cliff, and in some respects, I feel like they just pushed me the rest of the way over. I have major MCS and certainly symptoms of CFS, and they didn't have a CLUE.

    I would desperately like to believe that things have changed drastically there in the past few years, but despite a lot of PR work to try to modernize their exremely orthodox, aloof image, I would seriously doubt that they have.

    If you need a heart/lung transplant, or get hit by a bus on 21st. it is the only place to go. However, if you have one of the more controversial problems like MCS, CFS, or mysofascial pain, I think your chances of truly being taken SERIOUSLY there are about in the same category as the second "Music City Miracle." If I thought otherwise, I would have gone back there years ago.

    HOWEVER, anything can change. PLEASE let me know if you discover otherwise!
  3. winsomme

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    i don't know if this is helpful or not, but Vanderbilt has a trio of DRs that believes there is an infectious component to MS. alot of research was on Chlamydia Pneumoniae.

    i believe they have done trials with antibiotics for MS.

    the DRs last names are Sriram, Mitchell and Stratton. if you do a DR search on their website you should find their contact info.

    also that Dr William Mitchell is one of the main DRs involved in the recent developments with Ampligen.

    let me know if i can help you track down info.


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