Varicose /spider veins anyone?

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    Can fms cause your spider veins to turn into varicose veins? I've noticed just recently that my spider veins on my legs have started to bulge & there are many more than before. In fact, my legs are down right ugly. Also, my legs ache most of the time.

    Any input would be appreciated.

    Take care.....Kathi
  2. POSIE

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    i have problems with those nasty veins. is fibro the only health problem you have. i have aniphosphilid syndrome, lupus sle, tmj, fibro, ibs. i take aspirin daily because the aniphophild causes my blood to be thick and causes those veins. i have read that being over weight can cause them as well as being on your feet for long periods of time. i put my feet up when i can. i also heard that wearing support hose helps as well, but i would not be caught in them. i hate wearing anything that resembles nylons! you should talk to your dr about them. the sooner you do the quicker you can slow it down. take care, Posie
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    Varicose veins are hereditary. You can head them off longer, even if you inherit the valvular weakness that causes them, by keeping your weight down, putting your legs up when sitting, and avoiding jobs or hobbies where you must stand on your feet for a long time. The veins tend to swell and bulge in hot weather or when exercising or standing for long periods. Also, be very careful when shaving, because if you cut one of those babies, they can really bleed!
    Theoretically, if fibro were a collagen disease, as some believe, then that could make the hereditary problem worse, but I have not seen any research on this.
    I know my varicosities and spiders (just a difference in the size of the affected vein) are awful and started at age 29, way before I got Fibro and got fat. Both my parents had them, so it was inevitable.
    The herbal rememdy horse chestnut can be made into a rub to soothe the ache, or you can try witch hazel. Also, 100 mgs. of COQ10 daily can help get more oxygen to the affected tissues (and it helps fibro too).
  4. Mikie

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    I don't have bulging veins, but I did have all the little dark spider veins injected with saline solution. It took two tries on many of them. The injections irritate the veins, that produces an inflammatory response, and it shuts down the veins. It takes weeks for it to happen.

    I had some done around my nose and on my chin too. They are still a little red. I'm not sure they will ever completely go away but they look a lot better. I figured it was just my Irish heritage and love of booze :) You know, the Ted Kennedy Syndrome (oh, I'm goin' to hell).

    Athletes often get these and I think being on one's feet a lot does cause them. I try to put my feet up every chance I get.

    Love, Mikie
  5. kar1953

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    Thanks for your responses. I am not even close to being overweight so that's not a problem. I did, however, have a job for about 18 yrs. where I was on my feet most of the 8 hr. shift. Also my mom has them. I didn't know they were heritatary. Those two factors may explain it.

    Posie, as far as health problems, just fms & ibs - at this time. I do have support hose (knee high) & they do help the calves feel better. I bought men's black ones & wear them with my jeans.

    Mikie - did your ins. cover the injections? If you're going to hell, so am I cause my legs look just like Teddy's face!!!

    Klutzo, do you mean just rub the witch hazel on the veins?

    Thanks again & take care....Kathi
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