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    I do not take and meds in the am that should make me so tired. Around 11am or12 I get so sleepy I have to go to bed. I cant hold my eyes open and my hubby and friends tell me that I slur my words when I am like this. I would understand if it was bed time and I had taken the hand full of meds I need to sleep, but not so early in the day. Does anyone else do this?

  2. maripat

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    Sounds like you need to let your Dr know about this.
    Narcolypsy is more common then you might think.
  3. JLH

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    You may not be taking any meds in the AM that are making you so tired, but it may be the meds that you take right before you go to bed at night the evening before!!!

    For example, when I was first put on Elavil, I took it early evening and went to bed. I slept so well that I could not get up the next morning--I ended up sleeping most of the day!!

    Then, when my doc lowered the dose, I could get up the next morning, but I would remain so sleeply the rest of the day. So, I ended up quitting that med! So, you see, it could be one of your evening meds!

  4. loriaball1

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    Thanks for the feed back...will ask Dr about this.